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Montana Crystal Inline Tuning System and Infrared Wax Future

Montana Precision Ski Tuning System

With the MONTANA CRYSTAL INLINE, both stone grinding and belt grinding can be carried out with just one machine.
That is why this professional, space-saving service machine is ideal for smaller and medium-sized workshops processing both skis and snowboards.
Thanks to the swiveling feed system and the program display, the machine is as easy to operate as a robot.


  • 9 grinding programs available for additional parameters
  • Variable stone grinding speed
  • Available structuring programs for all structures
  • Pneumatic pressure system
  • Easy belt change
  • Pneumatic swiveling feed unit
  • 2 programmable belt speeds

Montana Race Waxer System

The MONTANA Wax Future/Race Waxer is the tried and tested waxing method from the ski racing world which fulfills the highest demands. It provides better and more durable gliding characteristics.

The applied wax is heated evenly and without contact by means of infrared – this allows gentle, homogeneous and deep penetration of the wax without condensation production. The system is especially suitable for professional workshops with high workloads. The RACE WAXER / MOBILE is cost-effective, as it saves time and labor while reducing the amount of wax used by 90% in comparison to conventional race waxing methods.


  • Careful waxing for highest standards
  • Even wax absorption with deep action
  • Better and longer lasting gliding characteristics
  • Processing of all conventional wax types
  • Heating power definable by selecting one or two IR lamps
  • Precise definition of the heated section by quick magnet marking