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Volkl Ledge Mini
$147.60 - $246.00 $246.00 Up to 40% Off
The Volkl Ledge Jr. is a great ski for young skiers that can hit the park or zip down a groomer. This all mountain twin tip has Volkl's Sensorwood Core that has vertically laminated wood that has plenty of pop and stability for aggressive little skiers, but can be forgiving enough for true beginners.
Volkl Ledge Jr.
$177.00 $295.00 40% Off
The Ledge Jr. from Volkl is a great ski for little skiers that can hit the park or zip down a groomer. This all mountain twin tip has Volkl's Sensorwood Core that has vertically laminated wood that has plenty of pop and stability for aggressive little skiers, but can be forgiving enough for true beginners. The Ledge Jr. has a Full Rocker profile that is extremely maneuverable for the groomers, and can be playful in the park if they feel daring enough to attempt small boxes and rails. Volkl's Power Shell has a full Cap Construction that gives the Ledge Jr. an easy, rounded flex pattern, with a little extra durability. If you have a first time skier, or a progressive little one that is not afraid of too many runs, the Ledge Jr. will be a nice selection for them.
Volkl Bash W Junior Skis
$209.99 $295.00 29% Off
The Völkl Bash W Junior Skis are designed for young girls who love their turns and are starting to get interested in mixing it up by adding tricks and switch riding. A full Sensor Woodcore combined with Power Shell construction give the ski solid performance and durability.
Volkl 90Eight
$387.97 - $775.00 $775.00 Up to 50% Off
The all new Volkl 90Eight replaces the long standing Bridge as an all mountain do anything ski for the strong intermediate to expert rider looking for stability and versatility anywhere on the mountain. The 90Eight is made with the new 3D Ridge Technology that reduces the total weight of the ski, delivers a powerful distribution of pressure to the edges of your skis, and gives the ski a prefect flex pattern for carving turns, and charging in the off trail terrain. The 3D Ridge Technology has a thinner construction over the sidewalls and a raised ridge on the center of the ski to lower the amount of inertia the ski requires for quick turning and maneuverability. Early Taper in the tip gives the 90Eight improves the flotation and steering in the fresh snow, by not allowing the tips or tails of the ski to get grabbed by the pow. Tip rocker will keep the tips above the snow, absorb negative vibrations caused by crud, and initiate turns faster for you. Camber underfoot delivers a strong edge hold on the snow. Rocker in the tail allows the 90Eight to dump speed and surf in the powder, while releasing you from turns easier. Volkl's Multi Layer Wood Core has Ash underfoot to give the ski rigidity and prevents binding screws from pulling out. Poplar wood in the tip and tail give a nice and even flex to the 90Eight will keeping the weight down. The new Volkl 90Eight will be a fantastic ski for anyone looking for stability, maneuverability and versatility.
Volkl Bash 86 Skis
$399.99 $500.00 20% Off
The Völkl Bash 86 Skis are Völkl's most versatile park ride, with a rocker-camber-rocker profile that's more forgiving than the full camber Revolt 87 and a smaller radius sidecut that's built for maximum maneuverability on rails and boxes. If you're more of a jibber than a pipe rider and want a bit more flex and tweakbility out of your park skis, look to the Bash 86 for total park domination.
Volkl Revolt 95 Skis
$399.99 $500.00 20% Off
These are the skis the Völkl team guys take out when it hasn't snowed in a while. The Völkl Revolt 95 Skis excel at everything from butters in a foot of pow to tweaked out 7's in the pipe, and aren't afraid to take on steep big mountain terrain either. When the pow ski is simply too wide and cumbersome and the park ski simply not versatile enough for a full day of shredding, the Revolt 95 is "Goldilocks" just right.
Volkl 90Eight
$412.97 $825.00 50% Off
General Description: Identical to the men’s version, but with a different graphic. The 90Eight is a high-performance all-mountain freeride ski that is packed full of technology and intelligent design. The 3D Ridge construction makes this ski incredibly light and concentrates the mass of the ski in the middle, making it easier to overcome inertia when making rotations. Carbon stringers work to stiffen up the ski, and provide extra pop and rebound out of turns. Tip and tail rocker make this ski even more versatile off-piste and provide increased pivot-ability. At 98mm underfoot you can be sure it is ready for some softer snow adventures too. Rocker: Tip and tail Flex: Medium Radius: 14.9 @ 163cm Sidecut: 133 – 98 – 116 Core: Multi Layer Woodcore Construction: Sidewall Base: P-Tex 2100 Tail Type: Flat
Volkl Flair 72 Skis ?+ vMotion 10 GW Bindings
$499.99 $600.00 17% Off
The new Völkl Flair 72 Skis + vMotion 10 GW Bindings puts Völkl quality and attention to detail on the feet of a group of skiers who may not yet be aware of Völkl's reputation but are sure to appreciate the easy turning precision and forgiving nature of this ski. Just because you aren't skiing on the World Cup doesn't mean you can't benefit from the experience of one of the best companies in the business.
Volkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 Bindings
New to skiing and looking to progress on your own pair of skis? The Völkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings is a great setup to get up and at 'em. Exemplary of Völkl quality and workmanship, these skis provide a progressive ride that is responsive and forgiving at the same time. A smooth, gradual tip rocker helps initiate turns without any hookiness at slow speeds, while a forgiving core and Progressive sidewalls make the Volkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings just what you need to move well beyond the bunny slopes. Rocker Type Alpine Tip Rocker – An early rise tip combined with traditional camber in the remainder of the ski provides smooth turn initiation regardless of conditions and confident edgehold on harder groomed conditions. Core Composite Core Sidewalls Progressive Technology – A unique 3D design which stabilizes the front of the ski body and transmits forces toward the ski's center for a comfortable ride. For a tip rocker construction this translates into the stability needed for higher speeds without making turns any less gentle to initiate. At the end of the turn the classically cambered tail provides a clean arc for the curve to follow. Base P-Tex 2100 Base – A sintered high-density and high molecular polyethylene base with great gliding characteristics and high durability. Included Bindings Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis – Always have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings. Includes VMotion 10 GW Bindings – DIN Range 3 - 10
Volkl 90Eight Skis
$649.99 $775.00 16% Off
The Volkl 90Eight is an excellent all-mountain ride for the advanced to expert skier looking for a lightweight ski that will slice through any condition on any day. Carbon Stringers are added to the Multi-Layer Wood Core to add stability, energy and pop as you exit a turn. Volkl's 3D Ridge Construction is made with an ultra-thin construction over the perimeter of the ski and a thicker central channel that makes the swingweight of the ski very low and effortless to steer. 3D Glass sits behind the sidewalls, in the tip and tail and underneath the binding platform for a high amount of energy transmission, improved edge grip and vibration dampening. Moderate Taper in the tip and tail prevent the 90Eight from feeling hooky or grabby in deep snow, bumps or crud. If you want a ski that will carve it up on the front, float in the pow and rip anything in between the Volkl 90Eight makes a great ski for you. 3D Glass 3D Ridge Carbon Stringers Full Sidewall Construction Moderate Taper Multi-Layer Woodcore Tip and Tail Rocker 1750/g (@177cm) Recommended Bindings: Tyrolia Attack2 13, Look SPX 12, Salomon STH WTR 13, Marker Griffon Recommended Brake Size: 100-115mm
Volkl Kenja 88 Skis
$649.99 $775.00 16% Off
Redesigned from the base up, the Völkl Kenja 88 Skis are lighter, snappier, and easier to initiate into the turn than before, but still have that trademark Völkl precision when pushed hard. Awesome features include the new Titanal Frame design, which uses a framework of metal around the tip and tail, lightweight carbon tips, and a revised 3D Radius sidecut.
Volkl Flair 75 Women's Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings
$699.99 $825.00 15% Off
The 2020 Volkl Flair 75 women's skis with bindings are a fantastic choice for intermediate skiers who are looking for a solid, stable, and quick ski to help them progress through the levels and increase their overall enjoyment of the sport of skiing. Light, quick, and easy to turn, the 2020 Volkl Flair 75 is a new offering for this season, and it's poised to take advantage of the new builds and shapes that are so important to Volkl. With a wood core, full sidewall, and steel laminate, the 2020 Volkl Flair 75 women's skis with bindings have all the goods necessary to take your skiing to the next level. With a 12.2-meter sidecuty radius at 154 cm length, the skis are capable of turning on a dime. They'll hook up nicely and release turns easily thanks to the XTD tip and tail rocker while holding a tremendous edge underfoot due to the camber. From steeps and bumps to moguls and trees, the 2020 Volkl Flair 75 skis and bindings are pretty versatile in terms of making different turn shapes and styles. They're quick enough from edge to edge to keep up with tighter bump lines, but they're also poised and predictable so that emerging intermediates can handle learning new carving skills and abilities. For skiers looking to take their skills to the next level, the 2020 Volkl Flair 75 women's skis with bindings are the perfect choice.
Volkl M5 Mantra Skis
$699.99 - $825.00 $825.00 Up to 15% Off
After a few years of meandering in the wilderness with a full rocker design, the Mantra returned to "walking the walk" last season. The Völkl M5 Mantra Skis put camber back into the equation and dropped the weight by using a Titanal Frame construction with metal only around the perimeter of the tip and tail rather than two full wall-to-wall sheets. The result merited a hearty thumbs up from just about every tester we know. This ski remains unchanged for the season but for minor graphic tweaks and we're glad it does.
Volkl 90Eight W Skis
$775.00 - $825.00
There's 98 reasons to love the Volkl 90Eight W Skis, but we'll summarize. From moguls to powder, glades to groomers, these lightweight, carbon infused planks love speed, with plenty of dampness and a slightly tapered shape for easy control in mixed and soft conditions, too. 3D.Ridge technology keeps the weight down, and a full sidewall ensures you have the grip and control you need on steep, icy piste. Hop aboard the all-terrain Volkl 90Eight W Skis and discover your own reasons to love them.
Volkl Deacon 79 Skis + iPT WR XL 12.0 TCX GW Binding
$799.99 $950.00 16% Off
The 2020 Volkl Deacon 79 skis with bindings are a great setup for skiers who spend the majority of their time on the front side of the mountain. These things are superior carvers, and are super-quick edge to edge. There's a lot to like about the Deacon 79, as it gets a rebrand from the RTM 79 of last season. It's the same ski on the inside, though, with 3D Ridge technology and a dual wood core. By using two different types of wood, Volkl achieves quickness and stability without being too heavy. This makes it easier for a wide variety of skiers to make a bunch of different turn shapes and styles. But the big benefit to this build is quickness. The Volkl Deacon 79 is a lightning-quick carver that loves to be put on edge to edge and rebounds quickly with no problems whatsoever. If you like being on edge and getting a tremendous amount of snap and pop in your turns, then you'll love the responsive and fun-loving nature of the 2020 Volkl Deacon 79. The 3D Ridge puts the bulk of the mass on the central spine of the ski, and you'll love how stable and damp the ski is. For a ski with a full wood core and minimal metal, this thing is very damp-there's minimal vibrations even on the firmest of terrain. The steel power is mainly found underfoot, so you can be assured that there's a ton of stability.
Volkl Flair 76 Elite Womens Skis with vMotion2 Bindings
The Flair 76 Elite from Volkl is a great option for the solid intermediate skier who wants an easy to control and stable ride on the groomers. Volkl's Dual Wood Core uses two layers of different density wood to deliver a sturdy performance that is easy to ski and not fatiguing for you to push yourself, but stable when you want to ramp it up. Tip Rocker with camber underfoot allows for an easy entry into your turns with grip and rebound as you exit a carve. A Center Sidewall Construction has a vertical sidewall underfoot to provide edge hold when you need it and effortless maneuverability. If you want a ski that is easy to control, but there for you when you feel like pushing yourself, the Volkl Flair 76 Elite is a great choice. Center Sidewall Dual Woodcore Tip Rocker 2568g w/Binding (@161cm)
Volkl RTM 76 Elite
The RTM 76 Elite ups the performance ante for intermediate and advanced skiers, with a great tool to use conquer the mountain no matter what the conditions. Its construction features a partial sidewall that enhances edge grip and stability for front side skiing. The lightweight VMotion system is GripWalk compatible, and features a wide interface with the ski for better power transmission along with easy-step-in heel technology. ROCKER Tip Rocker CORE Dual Woodcore BINDING VMotion 10 GW BASE P-Tex 2100 SKIING LEVEL Beginner, Intermediate
Volkl Deacon 76 Skis + rMotion2 12 GW Bindings
$899.99 $1,065.00 15% Off
The 2020 Volkl Deacon 76 ski with Rmotion 12 bindings is a front side crusher that will leave you breathless. New from Volkl this year, the Deacon 76 system is the ideal choice for advanced and expert skiers who spend the vast majority of their time on the hard pack. Volkl has really pulled out all the stops with this model. If you want to go fast with minimal chatter and vibrations, then the Deacon 76 is the ski for you. When you put this thing on edge, you'll understand what it's all about. The XTD tip and tail rocker allow for some smooth turn initiation and exit while the underfoot camber keeps you locked into the snow. Volkl uses its speedwall multi-layer wood core with dual titanium layers to really dial this thing in. Additionally, the UVO 3D and the 3D Glass complete the damp package. With a full sidewall, the Deacon 76 takes its inspiration directly from Volkl's race room. As such, it's got a great race type of feel, but without the abusiveness of a World Cup race ski. It's meant more for the high-end recreational skier and ex-racer who demand power and precision from their skis. At 76 mm underfoot, the platform is pretty narrow, so it's going to grip really well on hard snow. It's a bit wider than a race ski, so the stability is increased overall for a more user-friendly experience. Hard charging front side skiers will absolutely love the all-new 2020 Volkl Deacon 76 skis with bindings.
Volkl Deacon 84 skis + Lowride XL 13.0 FR GW Bindings
$999.99 $1,150.00 13% Off
The 2020 Volkl Deacon 84 skis with bindings are an excellent example of how you can still improve upon an established favorite. Taking over from the reign of the RTM 84, the Deacon 84 has a new build but the same relative shape and rocker profile. As such, those who love the RTM 84 will not find themselves in foreign territory, but rather it's like your old friend with some big improvements. Volkl has implemented their Titanal Frame that they've used in the Mantra M5 and the Secret and incorporated that into the build of the Deacon. Also, the 3D Radius Sidecut has been added in order to increase the versatility of the turn shapes. The end result is a ski that can turn on a dime, with more edge control overall than its predecessor. The Titanal Frame puts a lot more pressure and precision over the edges of the skis, so you get superior edge grip and control. As a frame rather than a full-laminate, the weight is reduced, and you'll be able to rip quicker and more responsive turns than ever before. With the rocker/camber/rocker profile staying largely the same, the on/off-trail capabilities of the Deacon 84 are right up there with competing models. 3D Glass puts more snap and pop into the ski, and by extending the width of the glass to over the edges, you get bolstered power and energy transmission. The Volkl Deacon 84 is poised to take over the frontside/all-mountain market in no time flat.
Volkl Racetiger SL+R Motion 12
$999.99 $1,125.00 11% Off
When ultra-fast and tight turns lighten up your tracks, the Racetiger SL is the weapon of choice for every aspiring racer. This versatile slalom carver with tip rocker features our Speedwall Multi Layer wood core, with extra-hard wood located just behind the sidewall for added stability and grip. With a wide 68mm footprint, rMotion2 rMotion binding system with GripWalk compatibility, and the quiet ride of UVO, the Racetiger SL gives you easy access to quick turns all over the mountain.
Volkl Deacon 76 with rMotion2 Bindings
The new Volkl Deacon 76 is designed to be a ripping carving ski for aggressive experts looking for a powerful ski with a damp and smooth ride on the frontside of the mountain. The UVO dampening system on the shovel of the ski absorbs vibrations on three different axis to keep the shovel of the ski chatter free for better ski to snow contact. Volkl's 3D Glass Construction integrates glass underneath the binding platform, above the sidewalls and vertical strips of glass in the tip and tail to create a ski that is impressively smooth, easy to turn and delivering a strong edge hold. Volkl's Speedwall Multi-Layer Wood Core is packed with energy and rebound. A Titanium Layer adds dampness and even more stability. If you are looking for an exciting new ride that blasts medium radius turns down the frontside at your top speed, the Volkl Deacon 76 is a perfect choice. UVO 3D 3D Glass Powered by Titanium XTD Tip and Tail Rocker Full Sidewall Construction P-Tex 4504 Base Speedwall Multi-Layer Woodcore
Volkl RTM 84 Skis with IPT WR XL Bindings
The RTM 84 from Volkl makes a strong ski for advanced to expert skiers who want power and a high amount of maneuverability on the frontside of the mountain. Powered by Steel the 3D Ridge Core has a damp and powerful ride, without feeling too heavy on your feet. The UVO Dampening System provides better ski to snow contact by absorbing negative vibrations on three different axis to make for one smooth ride. Volkl's 3D Ridge Technology is made with a thicker channel down the center of the ski and a thin sidewall that lowers the amount of energy it takes to turn the ski, and reduces the overall weight. 3D Glass incorporates glass in the tip and tail, underneath the binding platform and behind the sidewalls for an energetic snap, improved edge grip and added responsiveness to your skiing. If you want a powerful ride that is easy to manipulate into any turn shape for blazing the frontside of the mountain, the Volkl RTM 84 is a perfect ski for you. UVO 3D Ridge 3D Glass Powered by Steel Full 3D Sidewall 3D Ridge Core P-Tex 2100 Base 3300g w/Binding (@177cm)
Salomon Equipe 6 Combi
$119.97 $199.99 40% Off
Dual technique skate and classic ski, featuring a stable and easy-to-learn Combi camber. Sidecut type Classic Parallel Sidecut Ski Construction Combi camber D2FC - Digital Dynamic Flex Control Core Densolite 2000 Base G2 base Base tuning Performance universal Grinding Tail protector Weight 1360 Type Combi
Salomon Q-Max Jr
$159.97 $340.00 53% Off
Junior All-mountain ski for rapid progress. Just a matter of time before you pass your dad! Includes Salomon EC-5 binding.
Salomon Snowscape 7
$164.99 $195.00 15% Off
Maneuverable and ultra-stable on or off track, the SNOWSCAPE 7 uses 3D construction for consistent behavior. Ideal for sport and recreational skiers.
Salomon Q-Max Jr. S
$165.00 $275.00 40% Off
The Salomon Q-Max Jr is a great ski for your little guy to learn and perfect his skills on skis with. The Easy Flex Technology makes the ski softer in the middle, between the bindings so your little grom can bend and flex the skis to have control to out run mom down the mountain. The Q-Max has Salomon's All Terrain 2.0 Rocker that has rocker in the tip to start turns easier, camber underfoot to give him edge hold, and slight rocker in the tail to help release him out of turns easier. The Reinforced Top Sheet lengthens the life of the ski, and helps resist scratches and chips. If you are looking for a ski for your little guy look no further, the Salomon Q-Max Jr. is the one to look at. Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: Yes What Binding is Included?: Ezy 5 Binding DIN: .75-4.5 Binding Weight Range: 25-109 lbs. Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 105/67/86 (@110cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 8m (@110cm) Construction Type: Cap Core Material: Composite
Salomon QST Lux Jr.
$165.00 $275.00 40% Off
The QST Lux Jr. is a fantastic ski for little girls to learn the ins and outs of navigating the mountain. All-Terrain 2.0 Rocker has a rockered tip and tail that allow easy skidding across the fall line and requires the ski less effort to make it react. Easyflex Technology has softer tips and tails that adds even more control for the lightweight skier. Salomon's Monocoque Cap Construction and a Composite Core keeps the weight to a minimum, but will remain stable when she starts to pick up speed. Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: Yes What Binding is Included?: EZY 5 Binding DIN: .75-4.5 Binding Weight Range: 25-109 lbs. Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 105/67/86 (@110cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 8m (@110cm) Construction Type: Cap Core Material: Composite
Salomon RC 7 Skis
$169.99 $200.00 15% Off
The RC 7 is a performance classic ski delivering smooth glide and an easy kick via heel-toe camber.
Salomon RS 7 Skis
$169.99 $200.00 15% Off
The RS 7 is a performance skating ski that delivers smooth glide and stable, easy skiing via the Powered Camber.
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