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Atomic Vantage Jr. 7 Kids Skis

Atomic Vantage Jr. 7 Kids Skis
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The Atomic Vantage Jr. is an excellent ski for the first timer all the way up to solid intermediate who is pushing themselves on the groomers. Atomic's Bend-X Technology uses a flex zone underneath the binding platform that allows the skier to bend the ski with less pressure to have more control and responsiveness. The Densolite Core is made from composite material to keep the weight of the ski to a minimum and dampen out vibrations. Piste Rocker has a rockered tip that helps with turn initiation if your skier is linking parallel turns or still pushing out a snowplow. A Full Cap Construction only adds more forgiveness and an easy-to-ski feeling. A Structured Topsheet improves durability and helps prevent chips and scratching that new skiers can sometimes put on their skis.

Bend-X Technology
Full Cap Construction
Densolite Core
Structured Topsheet
Piste Rocker