Banjo Brothers Rack Top Pannier Bag

Banjo Brothers Rack Top Pannier Bag
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When it's time to load up the bike and go, whether it's across town to the office or across Europe, you need Banjo Brothers' Rack Top Pannier Bag. It attaches to pretty much any rear rack and gives you huge cargo capacity. It's trim when you just do quick jaunts, then if you need serious room, drop the panniers down and go big. Thick padding pulls double duty by insulating your snacks and protecting your gear. The ripstop fabric upper and rugged ballistic bottom panel are tough enough for cross-country treks, too. Reflective accents give you 360 degrees of visibility and there's a clip for a taillight as well. What's more, a detachable shoulder strap lets you carry the whole bag easily into the office or up to the summit for a photo-op.

Part Numbers

01070 A07080