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Valley Bike & Ski Know your Bike Clinics

Valley Bike & Ski Know your Bike Clinics
Monday March 11th Brake Clinic
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Know Your Bike Clinics!

A series of 3 clinics.

Each clinic cost $10, then each participant will receive a $15 gift card to Valley Bike & Ski*, a swag bag* and lots of knowledge! A light snack and beverage provided.

Please do not bring your bike we will provide product to work on.

The clinics will run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

January 14th Drive-train Clinic.

Maintaining and adjusting your drive-train. Including chain wear and lube, adjusting your shifting, bottom bracket maintenance, cassette care & maintenance and general drive-train lubrication.

February 11th Wheel Clinic:

Removing and installing your wheels, changing tires, tubes & rim strips. Minor hub adjustments & minor wheel truing.

March 11th Brake Clinic:

Brake pad inspection, brake adjustment, cable replacement. Hydraulic brake inspection, adjustment, care & use.

*Must attend clinic to receive gift card and swag bag.