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Salomon L7
Automatic binding that meets both Junior and Adult DIN norms for boots. Size: B90 DESIGNED FOR: JUNIOR/ADULT SOLES CONVENIENCE EASE OF USE FACT SHEET: WEIGHT: 1722 DIN SCALE: 2-7,5 HEIGHT IN MM: 16.5 SKIER WEIGHT (KG): 22-85 SKIER WEIGHT (LBS): 55-187 ADJUSTMENT RANGE (MM): 28 ADJUSTMENT RANGE (US SIZES): 3.5 WEIGHT OF 1/2 PAIR (IN G): 861
Salomon Warden 11
$179.99 $215.00 16% Off
The Salomon Warden is an excellent binding choice for the beginner to intermediate skier looking for a lightweight design with a sturdy amount of energy transfer. Salomon's Low Profile Chassis creates a sensitivity to the snow that helps you feel the terrain underneath your skis. An Oversized Platform is designed to give modern wider skis more lateral power and added control as you explore the mountain. Ski Binding Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Category: Downhill Max Din Setting: 11 Actual Din Range: 3.5-11 Recommended Weight Range: 85-240 lbs. Binding Weight: 4.1 lbs.
Salomon Warden MNC 13 Ski Binding
$269.99 - $325.00 $325.00 17% Off
The Salomon Warden MNC 13 Ski Binding is the county's new sheriff, and he's not much interested in whether you're sporting traditional alpine boots or AT boots; he'll ride them all. In addition to being a burly 13-DIN ripper, the Warden is designed to be compatible with pretty much any boot (just check that your boot is either ISO 5355, ISO 9523, or WTR-certified), saving you the cash and hassle of investing in a whole quiver of different boots and bindings. It still shreds, too, with an oversized platform for increased control of wide skis, a U-Power toepiece and Heel Flex Interface for bomber retention and reliable release, and Progressive Transfer Pads for a smooth, powerful feel and excellent lateral power transmission. Salomon hooked the Warden up with enough brake options to fit pretty much any skis and designed it with a low stand height to keep your weight close to the snow for a stable, powerful ride. Multi-Norm Certified 4-13 DIN rating Oversized platform U Power toepiece Heel Flex Interface Progressive Transfer Pads Sliding AFD
Rossignol SPX 14 Rockerrace Bindings
Designed for use with R21 (WC and racing) and the new R22 WC race plates, the SPX 14 Rockerace is an elite-level, competition race binding. The strongest coupling strength and longest elastic travel on the market deliver instant power transmission, precision, and control with superior shock absorption for reduced pre-release. The short mounting zone and semi-suspended heel enhance ski flex for more precision and control.
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