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Downhill Ski Boots

Dalbello Heel & Toe GripWalk Soles
Let's be honest, walking in ski boots has always been difficult and at times, dangerous. Introducing GripWalk, a revolutionary sole-binding innovation that makes walking easier and more comfortable. The rocker profile of the outsoles is covered with a high friction material for better grip on any surface. The GripWalk outsoles are the perfect addition for easier and safer walking.
Salomon T1
$65.97 $110.00 40% Off
Ideal first ski boot for kids, the T1 is light, warm and easy to use even for small kids.
Nordica Firearrow T3
$79.97 - $199.00 $185.00 - $199.00 Up to 57% Off
No matter what age your skier, Nordica Junior boot collection has a boot that will grow with your child and be a comfortable easy boot to use. Comes in both boys and girls colors. Three buckle design. Easy Step in: 3 piece construction allows the widest smoothest boot entry available 45 Degree Retention: Maximum heel retention, forefoot comfort, easiest entry and exit regardless of temperature
Nordica GPTJ Girls
$79.97 $185.00 57% Off
No matter what age your skier, Nordica Junior boot collection has a boot that will grow with your child and be a comfortable easy boot to use.
Nordica Firearrow Team 2
$88.97 $149.00 40% Off
The Firearrow Team 3 is a perfect boot for your little skier. The Team 3 is made with a progressive flex that gets stiffer with the more pressure and force that he puts on it, but it is still soft enough for your growing skier to be able to bend and flex it, for control over their skis. The Easy Entry Tongue flips open so it will be very easy for him to put on and take off their boots. Nordica's Comfort Fit Jr. Liner is designed just for smaller feet, to keep them warm and secure for all day comfort on the slopes. The Jr. Cuff Profile is shorter, so smaller skiers will have as large of a range of motion as possible, so they will be learning, and improving fast. If you are looking for a boot that will help your little skier progress and be comfortable in, the Nordica Firearrow Team 3 will be a good one.
Dalbello Menace 2
$89.99 - $99.99 $120.00 - $140.00 Up to 29% Off
Details: All-mountain ski boot for mini shredders Youth-specific 25 flex index Three-piece Cabrio shell for easy on and off Super Comfort Jr. liner lives up to its Super Comfort name Replaceable DuraGrip toe and heel rubber lugs
Dalbello Gaia 2 Ski Boots
$99.95 - $149.95 $200.00 Up to 50% Off
The Gaia 2 is slightly larger and stiffer (25 Flex vs. 20) than the 1, and has two buckles instead of the 1. Gaia 2 is great for athletic girls of all abilities who want to rip all around the mountain in a whole lot of style. The Gaia 2 has the perfect fit and flex to take beginners to the next level. The Supercomfort liner provides soft comfort and outstanding control all day long. There is also a very Easy on/off Cabrio2 buckle closure design for less fuss when getting ready in the morning.
Dalbello Menace 4 Ski Boot
$99.95 - $149.95 $200.00 Up to 50% Off
The Menace 4.0 has a super lightweight 4 buckle overlap design developed for improving skiers. With a high tech transparent shell, it's quick and responsive, with all day comfort, versatile fit and stunning performance. Overlap Design - This construction is used for traditional skiing style, primarily on-piste where extreme precision is needed. Co-molded, Bi-injection - BI-Injection technology molecularly bonds 2 different density polymers into one structure; Softer plastic panels over the instep for easy flex and on/off functionality are surrounded by a hard plastic frame for steering and control. Dura-Grip Replaceable Toes / Heels - Durable high durometer polyurethane compound toes & heels for extended boot sole wear. Flex adjusted - To regolate flex to fit skiers ability. Aluminium Buckles - All collection has strong and lightweight alu buckles, ergonimically designed for easy use. Macro buckles - Buckles can be adjusted to refine fit. Macro adjustment allows you to move the position of the whole buckle. With micro adjustment, you can twist the buckle to make it longer or shorter. Super Comfort
Nordica One 40W
$99.97 - $245.00 $245.00 Up to 59% Off
Ski Boot technology designed to offer the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. This is the most generous fitting boot offered in Nordica collection. The ONE collection is designed for those of you who like to cruise the groomers and have a great day with the family in the highest level of comfort. Your comfort is certain and the performance will be there to keep you going even to the next level. Flex 45, Fur/fleece liner, ski/walk device, 4 buckles, 105 mm last width
Nordica Patron Team
$99.97 $299.00 67% Off
This is the best all-mountain junior boot available. A boot built for pure junior skiing performance in a very versatile all-mountain boot designed for kids. The pro junior shell construction offers unpatrolled power transition at the junior level. FEATURES: Cuff Profile: JR Liner Type/Style: Comfort Fit Jr Soles: Heel & Toe SPECS: Flex Index: 55/60/65 Last: JR Flex: 55/60/65 Size Range: 18.0-28.0 Zeppa Material (Wedge): PP Liner: Comfort Fit Jr
Salomon T1 Kids Ski Boot
$99.99 $120.00 17% Off
The Salomon T1 is an excellent first pair of ski boots for the tiny little skier in your family. Salomon's Thin Shell Construction keeps the weight of the boot very low and easy for little ones to use. A single easy close Ratchet Buckle makes the T1 very easy for parents to help slip on little feet so they can enjoy their first day on the mountain. Thin Shell Construction Loop on Tongue 1 Ratchet Buckle
Salomon T2 Girls Ski Boot
$109.99 $130.00 15% Off
Generations of little rippers have stepped into the Salomon T2 RT Ski Boots to make their first turns and grown up to love the sport. Enable your little ripper will do the same. Liner ThermicFit Liner – Made from anatomical foam, this liner guarantees basic needs of warmth and comfort. Shell Materials & Design Thin Shell Construction Shell – Polyurethane Cuff – Mono-Material Polypropylene Stance 18mm Oversized Pivot Buckles 2 Vario Plastic Buckles Sole Heel & Toe Removable DIN Pads
Nordica Little Belle 3
$118.97 $199.00 40% Off
No matter how old your skier is, Nordica’s Junior boot collection has a boot that will support your child throughout his progression. This boot will be comfortable and easy to put on and remove.
Rossignol Fun Girl J4
$119.97 $200.00 40% Off
The FUN GIRL J4 is a comfortable, easy-to-use junior girl's boot designed for aspiring junior skiers. The Fun Girl J4 features our acclaimed Sensor Fit to deliver increased comfort, performance and warmth while addressing all of the common problem fit areas. The four-buckle design with adjustable cuff catches provide enhanced support and allow an easier fit for fast-growing kids. The Fun Girl J4 is designed to help junior girls develop solid basics and encourage them to experience the thrill of winter and skiing.
Rossignol COMP J3
$119.99 $180.00 33% Off
Designed for aspiring junior skiers, the new COMP J3 features our acclaimed Sensor Fit to deliver increased comfort, performance and warmth while addressing common problem fit areas. The three-buckle design with adjustable cuff catches provide enhanced support and allow an easier, more customizable fit.
Rossignol Fun Girl J3
$119.99 $180.00 33% Off
With solid 40 flex 3 buckle support, the Rossignol Fun Girl J3 Ski Boots will keep up with her antics as she moves on to steeper and tougher terrain. A Comfort Fit liner keeps her toes toasty, and will keep the complaints at bay so she can ski from bell to bell with ease.
Salomon T3 Ski Boot
$119.99 $140.00 14% Off
The T3 RT by Salomon is a fantastic pair of ski boots for growing kids. Salomon's Thin Shell Construction keeps the weight of the shell remarkably low and to feel comfortable and have control over their skis. An 18mm Oversized Pivot adds energy transmission to their skis. Three Vario Plastic Buckles are easy to open and close so little skiers can learn how to buckle them themselves. Thin Shell Construction 18mm Oversized Pivot 3 Vario Plastic Buckles
Dalbello Gaia 3
$129.99 $175.00 26% Off
When she's mastered the art of turning and stopping (well, most of the time) and getting in and out of those one or two buckle kids' boots, it's time to move up to more support and another buckle with the Dalbello Gaia 3 Ski Boots. She'll notice the increase in precision and power even if she doesn't tell you right away, and you'll notice how much more confident her skiing has become.
Dalbello Menace 3.0
$129.99 $175.00 26% Off
Bring your children to Aspen Ski and Board in northern Columbus to have them fitted in the Dalbello Menace 3.0 2018 boy's ski boots. The Dalbello Menace 3.0 features a 3 buckle design helping to progress your young skier to the next level.
Nordica NXT N6
$139.97 $279.00 50% Off
Nordica’s NXT N6 is easy to fit, completely adjustable, with the kind of on-snow control sport skiers used to only dream of. It offers an incredible level of performance, comfort and range of features that will keep you coming back for more.
Rossignol Evo 70
$139.97 $280.00 50% Off
The new EVO 70 is one of the lightest alpine boots on the market and delivers a comfortable, generous fit for novice skiers. Sensor shells feature a 104mm "wide" fit while retaining the contoured forefoot, strong heel cup and asymmetrical toe box. Sensor Fit technology provides an open instep and more articulate ankle area for increased comfort, circulation and warmth. The new 3-buckle design features an extra-wide cuff buckle and XL power-strap for easy closure.
Nordica Speedmachine J3 Ski Boot
$139.99 $200.00 30% Off
With an emphasis on fun and progression, the Speedmachine J3 fosters a love for skiing. Thanks to our new weight adjustment switch, the boot’s flex can readily be customized, providing young skiers with the perfect amount of support. By positioning them in a neutral stance, the Speedmachine J3 enhances stability and accelerates progression. And for additional support, it features a third buckle. Easy to put on and easy to take off, the boot also sports a plush liner that maximizes warmth and comfort. Great days—and a passion for skiing—begin with the Speedmachine J3.
Atomic Live Fit 80
$149.97 $300.00 50% Off
The Atomic Live Fit 80 makes a great boot for the beginner to solid intermediate skier that has a tall instep, medium to wide forefoot, and medium to wide leg shape. Two Live Fit Panels are located on the medial and lateral sides of the foot are made from rubber that take the 102mm last and make the Live Fit 80 feel much wider than that. By having an unrestricted foot your balance, warmth and comfort will improve. The rubber Live Fit Panels will not transfer the cold temperatures through them the same way plastic does to keep you warmer on the slopes. Two Mega Buckles are made from durable 6000 Series Aluminum, and are oversized to provide you with adequate tension, and they are very easy to open and close. If you have a foot that has never been comfortable in standard boots, the unique Atomic Live Fit 80 is the boot for you. Best Fits a Medium to Wide Forefoot and Medium to Wide Leg Shape 2 Live Fit Panels Mega Buckles
Nordica Cruise 55W
$149.97 $299.00 50% Off
The Nordica Cruise 55 W is a great boot for the beginner to mellow intermediate skier who best has a medium to wide forefoot and shaft of the leg. The Nordica Natural Foot Stance has an abducted stance that will keep your feet in a natural position, with the toes slightly pointed outward for a more comfortable feel, and easier turning on your skis. The 3D Comfort fit Liner is very plush and cushy to keep your feet padded and warm. The 55 W liner is womens specific by having more taper in the foot, a narrower heel pocket, and a lower cuff to accommodate the narrower foot and heel, and shorter fuller leg of women. The 55 flex is nice and soft for the mellow skier so you wont have to waste too much energy to get your skis to react the way you want them to. The middle two buckles are micro adjustable so with the simple twist of a buckle you can get your fit dialed in just right. A 104 mm last and a squared off toe box best fits ladies that have a wider forefoot, and the Cruise cuff has a wider fit. If you are looking to invest in a pair of boots for the true beginner or for the mellow intermediate to get you out of the rental shops and on the slopes quicker the Nordica Cruise 55 W is a perfect fit. Ski Boot Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Forefoot Width: 104mm at Reference Size 25.5 Actual Flex: 55 Flex Adjustment: No Buckle Count: 4 Cuff Alignment: None
Nordica Cruise 60
$149.97 $299.00 50% Off
The Nordica Cruise 60 is a perfect ski boot that has been designed specifically for the true beginner skier that has a medium to wide forefoot and medium to wide leg shape. A Natural Foot Stance (NFS) has the toes slightly abducted outward the way you would naturally stand to increase the amount of comfort you will have standing in lift lines, just hanging around in your boots. The NFS will increase the amount of efficiency and control that you have when you need to transfer your energy between the edges of your skis. Nordica's PFP Comfort Liner has lots of insulation and padding to keep you warm, comfortable, and supported as you learn and progress to more challenging terrain. Ski Boot Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Forefoot Width: 104mm Actual Flex: 60 Flex Adjustment: No Buckle Count: 4 Cuff Alignment: None
Nordica Dobermann Team
$149.97 $349.00 57% Off
Description Designed with the proper flex, Nordica Dobermann Team boot actually let juniors and lighter racers bend their ankles and move their bodies the way they need to. The flex and comfort of the TEAM collection make it the perfect tool for anyone looking for the race fit and technology in a comfortable boot they can flex. KEY TECHNOLOGY: - PRO JR SHELL CONSTRUCTION - PRECISION FIT JR PRO LINER LAST 100 MM FLEX INDEX FROM 75 TO 55 (28.0 MP FLEX 75, 18.0 MP FLEX 55) SIZE RANGE 18.0-28.0 MP
Rossignol Hero Jr 65
$149.97 $250.00 40% Off
The new HERO JR 65 is a junior race boot designed for junior athletes ages 12 and under. Featuring our acclaimed Sensor Fit, the HERO JR 65 delivers increased comfort, warmth and performance while addressing all of the common problem fit areas. The progressive flex and oversized four-buckle design provides enhanced support and allows quick, easy fastening. The HERO JR 65 is a versatile junior race boot with award-winning fit for up-and-coming competitors.
Salomon QST Access 70
$149.97 $300.00 50% Off
The Salomon QST Access 70 men's boots are designed with comfort in mind. The Salomon QST 70 features a soft flex of 70 perfect for getting started, a very adjustable upper cuff, and a wide last of 104mm. Salomon's QST 70 men's ski boot also includes a heat-moldable liner to help break them in before you hit the slopes.
Rossignol Comp J4
$149.99 $200.00 25% Off
The Comp J4 from Rossignol makes a fantastic choice for the true beginner skier up to the solid intermediate. The Junior Specific Last and Cuff offer up great support for the size skier that should be skiing in that size boot. A four buckle design will help get them ready for the support and feel of an adult ski boot. Rossignol's EVA Machined Liner has anatomically correct padding and ample insulation to keep little feet warm and comfortable as they spend all day on the slopes with the rest of the family. Junior Specific Last and Cuff EVA Machined Liner
Rossignol Fun Girl J4
$149.99 $200.00 25% Off
Little girls love to have fun on the slopes skiing with the family, get her the Rossignol Fun Girl J4. The Fun Girl J4 has a junior last that is made using a typical length and width foot shape that is matched to her weight, height and size. This four buckle boot has a traditional overlap design that is soft, forgiving, and the flex is fine tuned for smaller skiers to be able to bend and flex the boots, to give her control and confidence. The Fun Girl J4 has a EVA Machined Liner that will provide her with cushion and padding for extra warmth and comfort on the mountain. If you have a little girl that loves skiing and has fun on the mountain, she needs the Rossignol Fun Girl J4. Soft and Forgiving EVA Machined Liner
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