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Downhill Skis

Binding: System ski with SL RMotion2 12 GW Bindings - DIN 4 - 12. Grip Walk compatible. Category: Race Ski Sidecut: 127/68/103 Ski Radius: 11.0m @155cm 11.8m @160cm 12.6m @165cm 13.4m @170cm Ski Profile: Tip Rocker Weight: 2040g @165cm w/ binding Performance Levels: Advanced to expert UVO 3D UVO is the first freely rotating, vibration damper to apply cutting-edge vibration dampening technology in order to minimize disruptive ski vibration. 3D.Glass Compared to classic glass constructions the three-dimensional and multiple-folded glass layers in the tip and in the tail area result in an increased edge grip and a more vivid rebound behavior in turns. Powered by Titanium The titanium setup makes the ski agile and dynamic. Especially friends of a hard, fast and aggressive riding style benefit from the quick response of this construction. Full Sidewall Direct and strong power transmission with full length sidewalls. Speedwall Multi Woodcore Beech/Poplar 70/30 Extra-hard wood located just behind the sidewall for added stability and grip.
The Revolt Junior is Völkl’s youth-oriented all mountain twin. Its shape and full rocker design make it incredibly versatile all over the mountain and in the park. SKIING LEVEL Beginner, Intermediate TECHNOLOGIES Power ShellFull and Sensor Woodcore LENGH 118/ 128/ 138/ 148 RADIUS 8.90/ 10.80/ 12.90/ 15.30 SIDECUT 110_74_99 WEIGHT 880g/ 970g / 1060g/ 1140g WITH BINDING 990g/ 1080g / 1160g / 1260g
Volkl Bash W Junior Skis
$176.97 $295.00 40% Off
The Völkl Bash W Junior Skis are designed for young girls who love their turns and are starting to get interested in mixing it up by adding tricks and switch riding. A full Sensor Woodcore combined with Power Shell construction give the ski solid performance and durability.
Volkl KENJA 88
KENJA 88 A ski for the rad woman who loves to ski everything on the mountain with speed and precision. When it comes to the buffet of skiing, if you are a glutton that cannot decide between groomers or powder, bumps or trees, the Kenja 88 is the plate (ski) that can handle your hearty appetite. The impressive carving performance comes from the three different radii in the sidecut, aka: the 3D Radius Sidecut design. Depending on speed and edge angle, the snow connects with a different part of the ski, supporting that specific turn, managing the terrain and forces smoothly. The tip and tail rocker make any turn shape initiation more fluid, plus provide clearance when the slope becomes deep with powder (yay!) or full of crud (yay?). The Kenja 88 is also built with a Titanal Frame and Carbon tips which gives stability without losing playfulness. The result of all of this is a ski that holds beautifully at high speeds while still remaining extremely lively. If you’ve got Kenja 88’s on your feet, it’s time to unbuckle your belt and dig in to all the mountains can offer.
Volkl Ledge Mini
$147.97 - $246.00 $246.00 Up to 40% Off
The Volkl Ledge Jr. is a great ski for young skiers that can hit the park or zip down a groomer. This all mountain twin tip has Volkl's Sensorwood Core that has vertically laminated wood that has plenty of pop and stability for aggressive little skiers, but can be forgiving enough for true beginners.
Salomon LUMEN 99 -159
Overview Powder runs for breakfast, glades for lunch, and high-speed carving in the afternoon: the QST Lumen won’t let you down. A lively, lightweight yet powerful ski combines classic QST technology with progressive freeride sidecut. The result? A multi-talented ski that takes on anything you throw at it, with ease.
Salomon LUX 92
Overview Whether you’re dropping into powder-filled back bowls, cruising your favorite groomer, or stepping out of bounds with a setup for spring touring, the multi-talented QST 92 has all the technology you need to access the entire mountain. Lightweight but power-driven, QST 92 shines as conditions change throughout the day, without wearing you out.
Salomon NFX
$179.97 $300.00 40% Off
Key Features of Salomon NFX Skis: Full Woodcore Full Sandwich Sidewalls Twintip Pulse Pad Pro Jib Tech. Base XL Edges Total edge reinforcement Full Camber Lengths (cm): 160/170/176/182 Sidecut: 122/86/115 (176cm) Radius: 14.7/15.9/17.2/18.6 Weight per ski: 1840g @176
Salomon Q-105
$362.97 $725.00 50% Off
A blend of powder floatation and on piste stability.
Salomon Q-98
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
For adventures on or off piste.
Salomon QST 98
Overview From chasing natural features in the morning, to slaying glades ‘til après, the QST 98 is a playful yet powerful ski. With a new, modern shape and versatile 98mm waist-width, the QST 98 rises to any challenge. Double sidewall technology transmits power to your edges, whether dropping cliffs or buttering lips.
Salomon QST Lux JR C5
$164.97 $275.00 40% Off
Get your snow princess set up with the Salomon QST Lux Jr S Skis + C5 Bindings and watch her progress well beyond the bunny hill. Made with a versatile and easy-to-use All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 and a lightweight composite/monocoque core, the QST Lux Jr S Skis + C5 Bindings let her ski late into the day without tuckering out.
Salomon QST Lux Jr.
$99.97 $275.00 64% Off
Last one. NO BINDING included. The QST Lux Jr. is a fantastic ski for little girls to learn the ins and outs of navigating the mountain. All-Terrain 2.0 Rocker has a rockered tip and tail that allow easy skidding across the fall line and requires the ski less effort to make it react. Easyflex Technology has softer tips and tails that adds even more control for the lightweight skier. Salomon's Monocoque Cap Construction and a Composite Core keeps the weight to a minimum, but will remain stable when she starts to pick up speed. Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: no Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 105/67/86 (@110cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 8m (@110cm) Construction Type: Cap Core Material: Composite
Salomon S/ FORCE 7
S/FORCE 7 (AND M10) This set of skis is the perfect ally for those who care about fashion and want a perfect balance between fluidity and performance. Be more confident with unbreakable stability even at high speeds, and enjoy with minimal effort and fatigue while carving down the slopes no matter what the snow conditions. The wood core offers stability, liveliness and forgiveness while ensuring good ski/snow contact. Tail Protector Increased ski longevity: skis remain visually attractive even after intensive use. Increased ski longevity: skis remain visually appealing even after intensive use Its rocker blade offers the best balance between stability and terrain absorption, so you can carve in all snow conditions with confidence. Its semi-sandwich sidewall structure is designed to provide better edge grip at every turn. LEISURETRAK, 2 pieces M10 GW
Salomon S/FORCE FX.80 + M10
Overview Salomon Skis Alpine Skis S/Force SX+M10 Automatically generated translation Extra wide and extra thick edges. Allows more trim cycles for days with more rentals. STRUCTURE: Wood core. Semi-sandwich construction built to provide good edge grip at every turn. DIMENSIONS: 121/73/104 mm. ROTATION RADIUS: 14 m (size 160).
Salomon S/FORCE Fx.80 + M11
Overview The perfect choice for daring skiers always looking to carve their own line, this ski has the perfect underfoot width for crushing your way through any snow conditions. It combines a modern design and high-performing technologies, so you can enjoy your days on the slopes with plenty of confidence and style. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS : Construction : Edge Grip The Edge Amplifier ski-plate construction transmits 100% of your energy to the edge, for unmatched edge grip performance. Terrain absorption The Crossover Tip is developed to absorb vibrations and provide great ski-to-snow contact, it helps you carve on different terrains, no matter the snow conditions. Stability at speed The Woodcore construction reduces vibration and provides optimum stability and a strong rebound even at high speeds.
Salomon S/PRO 80 GW
$449.99 $550.00 18% Off
For women who place the utmost importance on comfort, the S/PRO 80 W provides an instant fit and is designed with your morphology in mind. It combines two qualities: it is easy to put on and has a seamless liner, so you will enjoy unprecedented performance and comfort. TECHNICAL FEATURES : Construction : Techno : Coreframe|Seamless Liner|Alpine pads Technical inserts : No Width : Medium Family : S/PRO Flexion : 80 Standard : Alpine
Salomon SELECT HV 80
$299.99 $360.00 17% Off
Overview Newer skier with high volume feet? Not to worry, Salomon has you covered with the Salomon Select HV 80 Ski Boots, designed with built-in comfort to get you and your skills cranking through the gears. A wide 102 mm last provides all-day comfort, and Salomon's new Dual Sensifit shell makes the Select HV 80 super easy to put on and take off. Learning skiers have enough to worry about already; take boots off that list with the Select HV 80.
Salomon X-Race Lab
$549.97 $1,100.00 50% Off
World Cup proven slalom race ski. WEIGHT: 4950g Side Cut Tip: 114.5 Side Cut Waist: 65 Side Cut Tail: 99.5 Radius: 12.7 Boot Midsole: 665
The Rossignol BlackOps Escaper is a great option for any advanced all mountain guy who wants a fun, playful ski. Diago Fiber laid across the Paulownia Woodcore helps stiffen the ski, while the Paulownia keeps things light weight and playful. Damp Tech makes an appearance for core reinforcement and liveliness for an energetic ride when you lay that ski on edge. The Escaper is torsionally stiff thanks to the full sandwich sidewall for edge hold and stability when you find yourself on the groomers. Keeping those tips up when you're in powder is not an issue with the incorporated Air Tips which helps with natural flotation. The Rossignol BlackOps Escaper knows no bounds and is an awesome option for riding all over the mountain.
Following in the footsteps of the ubiquitous Soul 7 was never going to be easy, but the Rossignol Black Ops Sender Skis manage it with aplomb while marching to a fresh new beat. Equipped with a versatile 104mm waist width, smooth rocker lines, and a relatively flat, stiff tail, the Black Ops Senders will immediately slot in as the ideal daily driver for many, confidently handling everything from boilerplate to blower. The extended Pauwlonia wood core and Damp Tech laminates smooth out vibration and reduce tip flap, giving them significantly more stability at speed than their S-Series forefathers. All-mountain has a new top dog, and it goes by the name Rossignol Black Ops Sender.
The high-end ripper option in the current Experience Series, the Rossignol Experience 86 Ti Skis + SPX 14 Konnect GW Bindings are for the skier who takes no prisoners on the groomed and doesn't hesitate to shred a few runs in the trees or bumps when the snow is good. The Poplar core and Titanal Construction laminate design transfers all your power to the ski but keeps the ride silky smooth - even at top speed. If you're a frontside ripper seeking the ultimate in power and dampness, this is the ski. All Trail Profile – The new All Trail profile is designed to ensure smooth and progressive absorption of uneven areas of terrain in all types of snow.The perfectly tailored profile and sidecut guarantee ideal behaviour of the tip in any conditions. Sidecut All Trail Sidecut – The new All Trail sidecut is designed to engage the tip from the very start of the turn and strengthen the action of the tail Core Poplar Wood Core – Poplar wood core balances weight, flex, and stability for a versatile blend of power and playfulness. PEFC™ Certified – PEFC™ certified to guarantee sustainable forest management Laminates Carbon Alloy Matrix – A new era of high-efficiency materials. Combining an extremely lightweight design with high mechanical properties, the Carbon Alloy Matrix raises the ski’s performance across the board, whether in terms of grip and versatility, precision and permissiveness, or stability and maneuverability. The Carbon Alloy Matrix is the result of a clever blend of Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber. Carbon provides boost, lightness and power transmission, while Basalt contributes its shock-absorbing and stabilizing properties. Drive Tip Solution – Longitudinal glass fibers combined with visco-elastic materials absorb vibration and provide directional stability Titanal Construction – This aluminum alloy enhances power and dampness in performance skis. Produced by AMAG Rolling in Austria, Titanal combines aluminum with Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Zirconium crystals. Sidewalls Rectangular Sidewalls – Rectangular Sidewall constructions feature a horizontal layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) combined with full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power. Base Made with a Maximum 30% Recycled Materials Edges 100% Recycled Steel Included Bindings Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis – Always have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings. Includes SPX 14 Konnect GW Bindings – DIN Range 5 - 14
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Developed to make both learning to ski easier, more confortable, and more fun. The EXPERIENCE PRO helps even the smallest skiers accelerate to the next level. Featuring a specifically designed junior flex and rocker profil. The new HD CORE is a revolutionary new High Density Core lighter and more stable than traditional poplar, balancing high-definition dampness, stability, and drive with the lively, dynamic mobility and power for mixed snow conditions and changing terrain. CAP constructions (ROSSITOP) feature topsheet material that rolls from edge-to-edge of the ski (no sidewalls), offering EXTRUDED BASE offers enhanced durability for rental / demo use. FIBERGLASS offers more elasticity than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings, making it the best choice for customized flex and torsional resistance. AZTEK TOPSHEETS add richness to the topsheet and graphics while enhancing durability.
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Developed to make both learning to ski easier, more confortable, and more fun. The EXPERIENCE PRO helps even the smallest skiers accelerate to the next level. Featuring a specifically designed junior flex and rocker profil. The new HD CORE is a revolutionary new High Density Core lighter and more stable than traditional poplar, balancing high-definition dampness, CAP constructions (ROSSITOP) feature topsheet material that rolls from edge-to-edge of the ski (no sidewalls), offering lightweight ease-of-use, more comfortable ski-ability, and increased resistance to chipping. EXTRUDED BASE offers enhanced durability for rental / demo use. 100 PERCENT FIBER FIBERGLASS offers more elasticity than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings, making it the best choice for customized flex and torsional resistance. AZTEK TOPSHEETS add richness to the topsheet and graphics while enhancing durability.
Rossignol Frozen KID-X 4
$179.97 $300.00 40% Off
"Let it go, let it go!"; the all-new FROZEN junior ski makes learning to ski easier and more fun for your favorite little princess. A specifically designed junior rocker profile allows juniors to use changing terrain to their advantage and easily pivot, steer, and stop, making learning to ski a more intuitive process so progression comes more naturally.
The Hero Athlete FIS SL is a FIS approved World Cup slalom race ski designed for elite-level athletes and competitive racers. Race-proven Line Control Technology eliminates counter-flexing for a balance of power and precision that wins races. This ski offers maximum stability and optimized trajectory through the turn for total control of your line. FEATURES: World Cup & FIS Slalom Race Ski Line Control Technology Titanal Construction Ash Wood Core Rectangular Sidewall Oversized Side Cut On Trail Rocker R22 World Cup Plate Race stock base with race grind
These 2021 Rossignol Hero Athlete MultiEvent Junior Race Skis are the perfect introductory skis for junior ski racers. Designed for strong racers in the U8 to U12 category, these race skis feature sandwich construction and Rossignol's Line Control Technology to optimize stability and control in turns. These skis offer a great first set of race skis and will help your junior racer quickly climb the ladder with the sport.
$299.97 $500.00 40% Off
The Rossignol HERO ATHLETE MULTI-EVENT is the new multi-event junior race ski designed for strong U8 to U12 racers. The HERO ATHLETE MULTI-EVENT is the perfect tool to take junior racers to the next competitive level.
The HERO ATHLETE SL PRO is the new junior slalom race ski designed for U10 to U16 racers. Featuring Line Control Technology and race-ready construction for optimized precision, balance, and power, the HERO ATHLETE SL PRO features progressive, size-relative flexes to elevate junior athletes to the next competitive level.
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