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$599.99 $700.00 14% Off
FLAIR 76 A ski for the fun-loving woman who is primed for the next step on her skiing journey, ready for a little more speed and a little more terrain on piste. As a beginner skier improves, the mountain opens up, and the Flair 76 is there for that development. The partial sidewall construction creates a smooth, easily maneuverable turn, while keeping it sporty underfoot when it’s time for more dynamic skiing. As ambitions and confidence grows the 76mm waist is an optimal width for entering more intermediate and advanced runs. And the vMotion1 Binding supports a remarkable power transmission throughout the entire ski, with the option to ride a GripWalk sole on your boot in the process. The Flair 76 will only help deepen a relatively new skier’s love for the mountains, and encourage them to continue exploring. THEY ARE NOT INCLUDES THE BINDINGS
Volkl KENJA 88
$387.97 - $775.00 $775.00 Up to 50% Off
KENJA 88 A ski for the rad woman who loves to ski everything on the mountain with speed and precision. When it comes to the buffet of skiing, if you are a glutton that cannot decide between groomers or powder, bumps or trees, the Kenja 88 is the plate (ski) that can handle your hearty appetite. The impressive carving performance comes from the three different radii in the sidecut, aka: the 3D Radius Sidecut design. Depending on speed and edge angle, the snow connects with a different part of the ski, supporting that specific turn, managing the terrain and forces smoothly. The tip and tail rocker make any turn shape initiation more fluid, plus provide clearance when the slope becomes deep with powder (yay!) or full of crud (yay?). The Kenja 88 is also built with a Titanal Frame and Carbon tips which gives stability without losing playfulness. The result of all of this is a ski that holds beautifully at high speeds while still remaining extremely lively. If you’ve got Kenja 88’s on your feet, it’s time to unbuckle your belt and dig in to all the mountains can offer.
Salomon LUMEN 99 -159
$362.97 $725.00 50% Off
Overview Powder runs for breakfast, glades for lunch, and high-speed carving in the afternoon: the QST Lumen won’t let you down. A lively, lightweight yet powerful ski combines classic QST technology with progressive freeride sidecut. The result? A multi-talented ski that takes on anything you throw at it, with ease.
Salomon LUX 92
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
Overview Whether you’re dropping into powder-filled back bowls, cruising your favorite groomer, or stepping out of bounds with a setup for spring touring, the multi-talented QST 92 has all the technology you need to access the entire mountain. Lightweight but power-driven, QST 92 shines as conditions change throughout the day, without wearing you out.
Salomon S/ FORCE 7
$499.99 $600.00 17% Off
S/FORCE 7 (AND M10) This set of skis is the perfect ally for those who care about fashion and want a perfect balance between fluidity and performance. Be more confident with unbreakable stability even at high speeds, and enjoy with minimal effort and fatigue while carving down the slopes no matter what the snow conditions. The wood core offers stability, liveliness and forgiveness while ensuring good ski/snow contact. Tail Protector Increased ski longevity: skis remain visually attractive even after intensive use. Increased ski longevity: skis remain visually appealing even after intensive use Its rocker blade offers the best balance between stability and terrain absorption, so you can carve in all snow conditions with confidence. Its semi-sandwich sidewall structure is designed to provide better edge grip at every turn. LEISURETRAK, 2 pieces M10 GW
Salomon S/PRO 80 GW
$449.99 $550.00 18% Off
For women who place the utmost importance on comfort, the S/PRO 80 W provides an instant fit and is designed with your morphology in mind. It combines two qualities: it is easy to put on and has a seamless liner, so you will enjoy unprecedented performance and comfort. TECHNICAL FEATURES : Construction : Techno : Coreframe|Seamless Liner|Alpine pads Technical inserts : No Width : Medium Family : S/PRO Flexion : 80 Standard : Alpine
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Experience a full carve across the entire resort. The Women's Experience 80 Carbon ski combines the agile feel of a lightweight build with confident edge control for all-resort skiing. The flex is tuned to deliver a relaxed feel and effortless... ACTIVE FLEX While some choose to charge hard, others prefer a more relaxed approach to the slopes. Our new ADAPTIVE FLEX answers the needs of every skier with three unique flex profiles (BOOST, ACTIVE, ASSIST) to ensure the right flex for the right feel. ACTIVE FLEX is designed to deliver intuitive all day performance and control.
Open the door to the entire resort. The women's Experience 78 Carbon ski brings a lightweight feel and confident on-trail carving for all-resort skiing. Carbon layers reduce overall weight for a quick feel underfoot. The flex is tuned to deliver... ASSIST FLEX While some choose to charge hard, others prefer a more relaxed approach to the slopes. Our new ADAPTIVE FLEX answers the needs of every skier with three unique flex profiles (BOOST, ACTIVE, ASSIST) to ensure the right flex for the right feel. ASSIST FLEX is our softest flex designed for comfortable and easy-to-handle skiability.
All resort. All the time. The women's Experience 86 Basalt ski blends a lightweight build with a smooth ride for carving across the entire mountain. The flex is tuned for intermediate and advanced skiers who enjoy aggressive performance BOOST FLEX While some choose to charge hard, others prefer a more relaxed approach to the slopes. Our new ADAPTIVE FLEX answers the needs of every skier with three unique flex profiles (BOOST, ACTIVE, ASSIST) to ensure the right flex for the right feel. BOOST FLEX is designed to deliver the most responsive energy transmission for dynamic power and performance.
The high-end ripper option in the current Experience Series, the Rossignol Experience 86 Ti Skis + SPX 14 Konnect GW Bindings are for the skier who takes no prisoners on the groomed and doesn't hesitate to shred a few runs in the trees or bumps when the snow is good. The Poplar core and Titanal Construction laminate design transfers all your power to the ski but keeps the ride silky smooth - even at top speed. If you're a frontside ripper seeking the ultimate in power and dampness, this is the ski. All Trail Profile – The new All Trail profile is designed to ensure smooth and progressive absorption of uneven areas of terrain in all types of snow.The perfectly tailored profile and sidecut guarantee ideal behaviour of the tip in any conditions. Sidecut All Trail Sidecut – The new All Trail sidecut is designed to engage the tip from the very start of the turn and strengthen the action of the tail Core Poplar Wood Core – Poplar wood core balances weight, flex, and stability for a versatile blend of power and playfulness. PEFC™ Certified – PEFC™ certified to guarantee sustainable forest management Laminates Carbon Alloy Matrix – A new era of high-efficiency materials. Combining an extremely lightweight design with high mechanical properties, the Carbon Alloy Matrix raises the ski’s performance across the board, whether in terms of grip and versatility, precision and permissiveness, or stability and maneuverability. The Carbon Alloy Matrix is the result of a clever blend of Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber. Carbon provides boost, lightness and power transmission, while Basalt contributes its shock-absorbing and stabilizing properties. Drive Tip Solution – Longitudinal glass fibers combined with visco-elastic materials absorb vibration and provide directional stability Titanal Construction – This aluminum alloy enhances power and dampness in performance skis. Produced by AMAG Rolling in Austria, Titanal combines aluminum with Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Zirconium crystals. Sidewalls Rectangular Sidewalls – Rectangular Sidewall constructions feature a horizontal layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) combined with full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power. Base Made with a Maximum 30% Recycled Materials Edges 100% Recycled Steel Included Bindings Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis – Always have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings. Includes SPX 14 Konnect GW Bindings – DIN Range 5 - 14
Rossignol Saffron 7
$349.97 $700.00 50% Off
The Rossignol Saffron 7 is a great ski for the ladies who are looking for a ski that can improve their ability to slay some powder and trees, but still have a ski that reacts great on the groomers. At 98mm in the waist you will have a ski that can float and smear in the soft snow, give you great carvability on the groomers, and have the girth to blow through crud. Rossignol's Powder Turn Rocker will give you great floatation in the deep stuff by having rocker in the tip to prevent you from sinking, Rocker in the tail to help you smear turns, and low camber underfoot to keep stable and keep you locked into your turns on the groomers. The Air Tip is a new addition to the Saffron 7 to keep you on top of the snow, and the VAS dampening system eliminates the tip wobble that other wide rockered skis can get. A Centered Side Cut delivers direct power and edge hold, and gives the Saffron 7 a very playful feel, while keeping very easy to control and steer. If you are looking for a one ski quiver that can boost your performance in the ungroomed terrain the Rossignol Saffron 7 is the ski for you. Powder Turn Rocker Air Tip Centered Side Cut VAS Absorption System 4.2 kg/Pair Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Type: All-Mountain Wide Skis (96-110mm) Bindings Included: No What Binding is Included?: None Binding DIN: N/A Binding Weight Range: N/A Waist Width: 98mm Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 128/98/118 (@170cm) Tail Profile: Flared Rocker: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Flex: Stiff Turn Radius: 16-20 Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 16m (@170cm) Construction Type: Sidewall Core Material: Wood Base Material: Sintered Used: No Titanium: No Special Features: Powder Turn Rocker Special Features: Air Tip
Rossignol Sassy 7
$249.97 $500.00 50% Off
The Radical RSX is a multi-event junior race ski designed for aspiring J6 to J4 athletes. Featuring ROSSITOP cap construction for increased rebound and durability, and a progressive, size-relative flex, the Radical RSX is a great introductory race ski that can be used anywhere on the mountain. The Radical RSX is designed to help junior skiers develop solid basics that will take them on to the next competitive level.
Nordica WILD BELLE 74+TP 210
$449.99 $500.00 10% Off
WILD BELLE 74 SKIING SMOOTHLY Nordica’s Wild Belle 74 accelerates your progression—and makes you smile. Designed for beginner and intermediate skiers, this all-new women’s ski features a full wood core for a smooth and stable ride. Thanks to its narrower waist and rocker-camber blend, the Wild Belle 74 is especially easy to maneuver. A shorter binding plate also enhances performance by boosting your ability to flex the ski and initiate turns. And by lowering the position of the rear plate, Nordica’s Natural Stance technology provides a more natural, centered position that maximizes control. Confidently explore the entire mountain with Nordica’s Wild Belle 74.
Nordica WILD BELLE 78 CA
$549.99 $600.00 8% Off
WILD BELLE 78 CA SKIING SMOOTHLY Nordica’s new Wild Belle 78 delivers the confidence you need to tame any trail. Its narrower waist and full wood core provide female skiers with a smooth ride that enhances confidence. Thanks to an all-mountain shape and a blend of rocker and camber, the Wild Belle makes turning especially easy, yet it’s also at home sliding more relaxed turns. A shorter binding plate enhances performance by boosting your ability to flex the ski and initiate turns. And by lowering the position of the rear plate, Nordica’s Natural Stance technology provides a more natural, centered position that boosts control. Chase your dreams down the mountain with Nordica’s Wild Belle 78.
$649.99 $700.00 7% Off
WILD BELLE DC 84 SKIING SMOOTHLY Take control of the entire mountain with Nordica’s all-new Wild Belle DC84. Equipped with a wider waist, this all-mountain ski provides female skiers with the confidence they need to tackle any terrain and all conditions. For a calm yet playful and powerful ride that’s stable at any speed, Nordica’s new Double Core technology features a shock-absorbing Pulse core embedded between two wood cores. A shorter binding plate maximizes performance by making it easier to flex the ski and initiate turns. And by lowering the position of the rear plate, Nordica’s Natural Stance technology provides a more natural, centered position that boosts control. Discover your potential—and embrace the entire mountain—with Nordica’s Wild Belle DC84.
Atomic CLOIUD Q8 + M10 GW
$499.99 $600.00 17% Off
CLOUD Q8 + M 10 GW The Atomic PM Cloud Q8 is designed to keep the fun high and the skiing smooth for beginner to intermediate female skiers. Tracked out afternoon chop is just as enjoyable as fresh morning corduroy as the 75mm waist gives you plenty of platform to get through variable snow conditions. Multi Radius Sidecut allows you to make any kind of turn with confidence, while Dura Cap Sidewall construction means you’ll be able to trust the edge grip. The Densolite Core keeps the weight down and the performance easy and vibration-free for a smooth ride. The PM Cloud Q8 takes on the groomers as you test your limits, or as you dial it back and enjoy the day cruising with friends. When you’re ready, the PM Cloud Q8 is the place to start.
Atomic CLOUD Q9 + M10
$599.99 $725.00 17% Off
CLOUD Q9 + M 10 GW The Atomic Cloud Q9 takes the intermediate female skier anywhere the piste may lead. Designed with Atomic’s All-Condition Piste Shape, the Cloud Q9 is at home cruising the groomers or making quick turns through afternoon bumps. The generous 75mm waist provides a solid platform for variable snow conditions, while Dura Cap Sidewall construction creates secure edge hold through the turns. The composite wood core keeps the ski responsive and light to minimize fatigue and maximize fun. The Cloud Q9 is ready to ski hard in the morning and dial it back in the afternoon for cruiser laps with friends - a true, versatile, all-piste ski.
Atomic MAVEN 86C + WARDEN 11
$749.99 $840.00 11% Off
MAVEN 86 C Smooth, intuitive and approved by the Atomic #sheskis ambassador team, the Atomic Maven 86 C delivers unparalleled performance for every run on the entire mountain. Flow Profile delivers the ideal combination of camber, shovel taper and tip rocker to create a ski that charges through crud as well as carves on harder snow. OMatic Construction utilizes triaxial fiberglass and a layer of carbon for a light and responsive ski that feels at home when pushing the limits. HRZN tech in the tip allows the ski to float through fresh snow and hook up on hardpack for controlled handling and reliable edge grip. Whether its groomers, bumps, trees, or steeps, prepare to ski the entire mountain with the Maven 86 C.
Atomic Redster FIS SL W
$399.97 $799.00 50% Off
The Atomic Redster FIS SL Women is a thoroughbred racer – and the perfect piece of kit for Mikaela Shiffrin and co. Bindings not included - sold separately. This ski boasts a lively temperament and a well-balanced flex. The Cap sandwich construction – with high-grade wood core and titanium inserts – gives the Redster FIS SL Women its harmonious flex characteristics and transfers energy to the edge, while grip remains uncompromising even in the tightest of turns. The waist and length of the Redster FIS SL Women ensure maximum flexibility and allow turns to be carved instantly. Two coatings below the binding minimize mechanical abrasion. Making the Redster FIS SL Women the highly specialized Slalom ski for Masters, European Cup, World Cup and FIS racers. FACTS: SEGMENT: FIS RACE GENDER: UNISEX TECHNOLOGY: ACTIVE CAMBER CHASSIS: X BINDING, SL X RACE 46 SHORT FIS RULE: FIS NORM
Atomic VANTAGE 77TI + M10
$599.99 $725.00 17% Off
VANTAGE 77TI + M10 The Atomic Vantage 77 TI is a confidence-building all-mountain ski. It is part of the lightweight Vantage range, designed for those who ski mainly on piste, offering the power of a piste ski and the agility of an all-mountain ski, all in one package.
Armada L10
$139.99 $175.00 20% Off
Lightweight, easy to use and precise, the L10 delivers great skiing with an automatic toe piece and proven reliability. Specs DIN Range: 3-10 Brake Width: B80 / B90 / B100 Screw Length: Senior Norm Adjustment Range: 28mm Weight: 1722g ISO 5355 Ski Boots equipped with gripwalk pads Tech Features Alpine Norm Automatic Toe Height Adjustment Low Profile Chassis L Toe Automatic Wing Adjustment
Volkl 90Eight W Skis
$775.00 - $825.00
There's 98 reasons to love the Volkl 90Eight W Skis, but we'll summarize. From moguls to powder, glades to groomers, these lightweight, carbon infused planks love speed, with plenty of dampness and a slightly tapered shape for easy control in mixed and soft conditions, too. 3D.Ridge technology keeps the weight down, and a full sidewall ensures you have the grip and control you need on steep, icy piste. Hop aboard the all-terrain Volkl 90Eight W Skis and discover your own reasons to love them.
Volkl FLAIR 79 + WR XL 11
FLAIR 79 For women who have just discovered the incomparable joy of skiing, the Flair 79 is the key to great freedom. Its construction combines lightness with stability. 3D.RIDGE technology and the Center Sidewall reduce weight, a thin layer of steel provides additional stability and simplifies power transmission. Every turn is easy to initiate without losing grip thanks to the elongated rocker tip and tail. The GripWalk-compatible iPT Wideride binding system transmits control impulses very directly and impresses with its high level of comfort. Thanks to the slightly wider waist and all the technology in the Flair 79, more terrain is accessible than with any other ski in the Flair line.
Volkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 Bindings
New to skiing and looking to progress on your own pair of skis? The Völkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings is a great setup to get up and at 'em. Exemplary of Völkl quality and workmanship, these skis provide a progressive ride that is responsive and forgiving at the same time. A smooth, gradual tip rocker helps initiate turns without any hookiness at slow speeds, while a forgiving core and Progressive sidewalls make the Volkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings just what you need to move well beyond the bunny slopes. Rocker Type Alpine Tip Rocker – An early rise tip combined with traditional camber in the remainder of the ski provides smooth turn initiation regardless of conditions and confident edgehold on harder groomed conditions. Core Composite Core Sidewalls Progressive Technology – A unique 3D design which stabilizes the front of the ski body and transmits forces toward the ski's center for a comfortable ride. For a tip rocker construction this translates into the stability needed for higher speeds without making turns any less gentle to initiate. At the end of the turn the classically cambered tail provides a clean arc for the curve to follow. Base P-Tex 2100 Base – A sintered high-density and high molecular polyethylene base with great gliding characteristics and high durability. Included Bindings Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to Skis – Always have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings. Includes VMotion 10 GW Bindings – DIN Range 3 - 10
Volkl Flair 76 Elite Womens Skis with vMotion2 Bindings
The Flair 76 Elite from Volkl is a great option for the solid intermediate skier who wants an easy to control and stable ride on the groomers. Volkl's Dual Wood Core uses two layers of different density wood to deliver a sturdy performance that is easy to ski and not fatiguing for you to push yourself, but stable when you want to ramp it up. Tip Rocker with camber underfoot allows for an easy entry into your turns with grip and rebound as you exit a carve. A Center Sidewall Construction has a vertical sidewall underfoot to provide edge hold when you need it and effortless maneuverability. If you want a ski that is easy to control, but there for you when you feel like pushing yourself, the Volkl Flair 76 Elite is a great choice. Center Sidewall Dual Woodcore Tip Rocker 2568g w/Binding (@161cm)
KENJA 88 If you don't want to decide between piste or powder, between moguls or a carving groomed piste, then the Kenja 88 with renewed geometry is the perfect companion for all occasions. The all-mountain freerider, with its state-of-the-art construction, thanks to its particularly broad field of application is suitable for female skiers who place great value on sporty performance, but do not want to limit themselves to skiing on or off-piste. The impressive carving performance comes from the three different radii in the sidecut, also known as 3D Radius Sidecut design. Depending on the speed and edge usage, a different part of the ski is gripped which perfectly manages the respective turn, terrain and forces. The rocker profile in the tip and tail makes every turn smoother and tolerates mistakes when the slope is covered with powder or old stomped snow. The one-meter shorter center radius allows you to steer the ski with noticeably less effort. With the Kenja 88 under your feet, you will enjoy everything the mountains have to offer. For optimal ride adjustment in all lengths from 149 to 170 cm, Tailored Carbon Tips and the Tailored Titanal Frame have been integrated into the Kenja 88 this season. What does that mean? The Tailored Titanal Frame, which is used in many models of the Titanal Freeride line, is an evolution of the well-known Titanal frame. Thanks to this construction, the width of the Titanal top strap can be adapted to the length of the ski and the resulting torsional stiffness and damping behavior required by the skier. The percentage of Titanal is reduced for shorter ski lengths, so even skiers of smaller stature or weight can get the most out of their skis with little effort. The Kenja 88 is especially versatile thanks to the new Tailored Carbon Tips. Carbon fibers applied via Tailored Fibre Placements (TFP) enable optimal control of cornering behavior. The strength and alignment of the fibers define the necessary stress and energy accumulation exactly where it is needed. A particularly positive feature is the agile reaction of the scraper. This means that directly with turn initiation, the ski can be driven through the turn in a controlled manner and with ease. You could say that it is enough to think about the change of direction and it's done. In addition, this construction allows for less weight without loss of stability.
Salomon QST 92 FLAT
DESCRIPTION Versatile, strong and full of spirit - just like you? We've redesigned the QST 92 to match you, modern freerider. A new profile sports a reactive, yet agile footprint, while the lightweight 92mm skid and freeride shape are perfect for slaloming over jumps or exploring the sidecountry. Where are you going to take the new QST 92?
DESCRIPTION The new QST Lumen 98 is a one-of-a-kind all-mountain specimen that shines in fun lines and dazzles in changing conditions. With a modern Twin Rocker shape and a versatile 98mm skid, the ski turns effortlessly in steeps, on-piste and in powder. Double Sidewalls create reliable edge grip, while cork inserts and C/FX laminate provide stability.
Salomon QST LUX 92 FLAT
DESCRIPTION As time goes on, our ski style evolves. In response, we took the beloved QST LUX 92, lengthened the rocker and revamped its shape to create a more modern and fun version of your favorite racer. Is there anything we haven't changed? The edge grip, performance and stability you rely on when launching through trampled snow or descending through glades.
Salomon STANCE 84 + M11
DESCRIPTION The Stance W 84, at its best whether carving down icy slopes or grooming on perfectly groomed new snow, excels in all conditions. Its progressive sidecut with dynamic karuba/alamo core is agile and reliable, while its brand new titanal and carbon construction grips the snow, giving you a smooth and fun on-piste skiing experience. The M11 binding completes the system.
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