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Salomon QST Myriad 85
$237.50 $475.00 50% Savings
The new Salomon QST Myriad 85 is a great ski for the beginner to strong intermediate that is looking for an easy to ride ski that will help them build confidence on any type of terrain that they will feel comfortable going down. An 85mm waist is wide enough to roll over crud and variable snow conditions on the front side of the mountain. Salomon's All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 has a rockered tip that will help you initiate turns easier, camber underfoot that keeps you stable in the middle of your turn, and rocker in the tail that releases the ski from turns easier. A Hook Free Taper will help prevent your tips and tails from getting caught up in the snow. Salomon's Power Transfer Platform has a stronger construction under the binding mounting area that gives you more energy underfoot, while the rest of the ski remains softer and more forgiving. A Semi-Sandwich Construction allows you to be more maneuverable by having a Monocoque Cap construction in the tips and tails, while a sidewall underfoot delivers stronger edge hold on firmer conditions. If you are a beginner to strong intermediate looking for a ski that will help make skiing in challenging conditions the Salomon QST Myriad 85 is a great choice for you. All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 Spaceframe Woodcore Semi-Sandwich Construction Hook Free Taper Power Transfer Platform 1650g/Per Ski (@161cm) Recommended Bindings: Warden 11, Tyrolia Attack 11, Marker Squire Recommended Brake Size: 85-100mm Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: No Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 124/85/109 (@161cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 16.1m (@161cm) Construction Type: Cap/Sidewall Core Material: Wood
Nordica Sentra 2 FDT
$249.50 $499.00 50% Savings
The recreational profile of the Nordica Sentra 2 FDT Women's Ski System is rockered in the nose with a smaller lift in the tail, giving this ski a more playfully agile ride than most other skis in its class. Since it's an early rise-design turn initiation is easier, and if you encounter some soft snow, you'll find a surprising amount of float that makes this a great ride for exploring the whole mountain. But where it shines is on the groomers, thanks to the large traditional camber area underfoot that ensures stability at speed and plentiful grip on hardpack. Wherever you ride it the Energy Frame CA core will give you even performance thanks to the wood stringers running the full length of the ski while synthetic laminates keep weight down without compromising on response.
Rossignol Sassy 7
$250.00 $500.00 50% Savings
The Radical RSX is a multi-event junior race ski designed for aspiring J6 to J4 athletes. Featuring ROSSITOP cap construction for increased rebound and durability, and a progressive, size-relative flex, the Radical RSX is a great introductory race ski that can be used anywhere on the mountain. The Radical RSX is designed to help junior skiers develop solid basics that will take them on to the next competitive level.
Rossignol Temptation 75
$250.00 $500.00 50% Savings
With the heart of a frontside carver and an easy freeride feel, the new women's TEMPTATION 75 is the all-mountain benchmark for intermediate skiers. Now featuring revolutionary Air Tip technology; our most versatile blend of rocker and camber; and a durable, lightweight ROSSITOP Cap construction, the Temptation 75 offers elevated all-mountain performance for easier progression across all snow conditions. Auto Turn Rocker blends powerful edge grip with effortless maneuverability and speed control while patented Air Tip technology enhances floatation and control even further, keeping tips afloat through variable snow and providing smooth turn initiation on hardpack and groomers. The entire mountain awaits – LET TEMPTATION RULE. 30% Off-Trail/ 70% On-Trail Int. Binding: LOOK XPRESS 10 W B83
Nordica Astral 84
$299.50 $599.00 50% Savings
The new Nordica Astral 84 make an excellent ski for the intermediate to advanced skier that will spend most of their time on the groomers, but will dip off trail from time to time when the snow is right. Nordica creates a very lightweight and stable ski with the addition of the Balsa Core Torsion Bridge Ti. The new Torsion Bridge Titanium Construction has a single layer of titanium underneath the topsheet that adds extra stability and edge hold, while only adding a minimal amount of weight to the ski. Balsa Wood is very strong and very light, so it adds a very snappy and lively feeling to the ski. An 84mm waist excels on the groomers in medium radius turns, but offers you some floatation in fresh snow, and gives you support if you want to hit the bumps for a few runs. The Astral 84 has a Blunt Nose Shape that initiates turns quickly, absorbs vibrations and adds to the versatility when the snow is cut up. If you want a lightweight and stable ski the new Nordica Astral 84 will be an perfect choice for you. Balsa Wood Core Titanium Hex Bridge All-Mountain camRock Profile Blunt Nose Shape Recommended Bindings: Look SPX 12, Tyrolia Attack 13, Salomon STH WTR 13, Marker Griffon Recommended Brake Size: 85-95mm
Armada ARW
$325.00 $649.99 50% Savings
The Armada ARW is a perfect all mountain/freestyle ski for ladies that can rip up the park, and lay down some turns on the groomers. Made with positive camber the ARW has lots of spring and pop, the Carbon/Kevlar Stringer in the tail add even more boost to it. Armada makes the edges a little extra thicker on their park skis, by developing the 2.5 Impact Edge that can withstand strong freestyle riders sliding and grinding on any box or rails. If you are looking for a park ski that has a park feel, but can still carve up the groomers, the Armada ARW is the one for you. AR50 Sidewall Hybrid Double Zone Core Positive Camber S7 Base CK Stringer 2.5 Impact Edge Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: Freestyle Type: Freestyle Skis Bindings Included: No What Binding is Included?: None Binding DIN: N/A Binding Weight Range: N/A Waist Width: 84mm Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 117/84/107 (@166cm) Tail Profile: Twin Rocker: Camber Flex: Medium Turn Radius: 16-20 Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 18.5m (@166cm) Construction Type: Cap/Sidewall Core Material: Wood w/ Carbon Base Material: Sintered Used: No Titanium: No Special Features: CK Stringer Special Features: 2.5 Impact Edge
Rossignol Saffron 7
$350.00 $700.00 50% Savings
The Rossignol Saffron 7 is a great ski for the ladies who are looking for a ski that can improve their ability to slay some powder and trees, but still have a ski that reacts great on the groomers. At 98mm in the waist you will have a ski that can float and smear in the soft snow, give you great carvability on the groomers, and have the girth to blow through crud. Rossignol's Powder Turn Rocker will give you great floatation in the deep stuff by having rocker in the tip to prevent you from sinking, Rocker in the tail to help you smear turns, and low camber underfoot to keep stable and keep you locked into your turns on the groomers. The Air Tip is a new addition to the Saffron 7 to keep you on top of the snow, and the VAS dampening system eliminates the tip wobble that other wide rockered skis can get. A Centered Side Cut delivers direct power and edge hold, and gives the Saffron 7 a very playful feel, while keeping very easy to control and steer. If you are looking for a one ski quiver that can boost your performance in the ungroomed terrain the Rossignol Saffron 7 is the ski for you. Powder Turn Rocker Air Tip Centered Side Cut VAS Absorption System 4.2 kg/Pair Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Type: All-Mountain Wide Skis (96-110mm) Bindings Included: No What Binding is Included?: None Binding DIN: N/A Binding Weight Range: N/A Waist Width: 98mm Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 128/98/118 (@170cm) Tail Profile: Flared Rocker: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Flex: Stiff Turn Radius: 16-20 Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 16m (@170cm) Construction Type: Sidewall Core Material: Wood Base Material: Sintered Used: No Titanium: No Special Features: Powder Turn Rocker Special Features: Air Tip
Salomon Astra
$362.50 $725.00 50% Savings
The Astra from Salomon makes an excellent option for the intermediate to advanced skier that wants a light and lively ski for carves on the groomers. Carve Rocker has a small amount of rocker in the tip for quick turn initiation, and camber underfoot that gives you rebound as you unweight the ski. Salomon's Comfortech uses fibers that absorb vibrations underneath the lightweight Lithium binding system to provide you with a smooth ride on your way down the mountain. Control Frame Construction has a 3D shape with grip zones on the contact points to deliver a stronger grip on firm snow and added responsiveness. The Astra is made with a Woodcore and a Basalt Layer to keep you stable at faster speeds, while maintaining a lightweight feel for stable skiing, with less fatigue. A Semi-Sandwich Construction uses a Monocoque Cap in the tips and tails, with a sidewall underfoot that enhances your maneuverability, while still giving you the edge hold on the snow for precise turns at a variety of speeds. Basalt Layer Control Frame Carve Rocker Woodcore Semi-Sandwich Construction Comfortech 2501g/Per Ski (@161cm) Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: Yes What Binding is Included?: Lithium 10 Binding DIN: 3-10 Binding Weight Range: 90-220 lbs. Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 125/78/106 (@161cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 13m (@161cm) Construction Type: Cap/Sidewall Core Material: Wood
Salomon Astra
$362.50 $725.00 50% Savings
A sporty Women's ski to go wherever you want with comfort and control.
Volkl 90Eight W
$387.50 $775.00 50% Savings
The 90Eight from Volkl makes a perfect ski for the strong intermediate to expert level skier who never knows where a day on the mountain will take them. You can be blazing the groomers, dive into some trees or hike up to the cirque all on one ski in a single day. The 90Eight this season gets Volkl's new 3D Glass. 3D Glass has vertically laminated glass behind the sidewalls and horizontally wrapped glass above the sidewalls to add more torsional power, edge hold and increased rebound. 3D Ridge Technology has a thin construction above the sidewalls with a raised ridge in the center of the ski that lowers the amount of inertia it takes to maneuver the ski into a turn. Carbon Stringers combined with Volkl's Multi-Layer WoodCore is stable enough for you to charge at full speed through dicey snow, but lightweight enough for you to throw them over your shoulder to hike up and earn some deep turns. New 3D Glass 3D Ridge Technology Carbon Stringers Moderate Tip and Tail Taper Full Sidewalls Multi-Layer WoodCore 1750g/Per Ski (@177cm) Recommended Bindings: Marker Griffon, Salomon STH WTR 13, Look SPX 12, Tyrolia Attack 13 Recommended Brake Size: 100-115mm
Atomic Redster FIS SL W
$399.50 $799.00 50% Savings
The Atomic Redster FIS SL Women is a thoroughbred racer – and the perfect piece of kit for Mikaela Shiffrin and co. Bindings not included - sold separately. This ski boasts a lively temperament and a well-balanced flex. The Cap sandwich construction – with high-grade wood core and titanium inserts – gives the Redster FIS SL Women its harmonious flex characteristics and transfers energy to the edge, while grip remains uncompromising even in the tightest of turns. The waist and length of the Redster FIS SL Women ensure maximum flexibility and allow turns to be carved instantly. Two coatings below the binding minimize mechanical abrasion. Making the Redster FIS SL Women the highly specialized Slalom ski for Masters, European Cup, World Cup and FIS racers. FACTS: SEGMENT: FIS RACE GENDER: UNISEX TECHNOLOGY: ACTIVE CAMBER CHASSIS: X BINDING, SL X RACE 46 SHORT FIS RULE: FIS NORM
Rossignol Sky 7 HD
$400.00 $800.00 50% Savings
Building off of the versatile Sin 7 design with the added benefit of a lightweight Paulownia woodcore and Rossi's Carbon Alloy Matrix for improved dampening and power, the 98 mm waisted Rossignol Sky 7 HD W Skis are the best choice for skiers that want one ski for powder to moguls. The Sky 7 HD W Skis also benefit from a brand new Air Tip 2.0 design that takes Rossignol s swing weight reducing design to the next level, further integrating the construction into the overall ski design for a beautiful ski with a silky smooth ride.
Volkl 90Eight
$412.50 $825.00 50% Savings
General Description: Identical to the men’s version, but with a different graphic. The 90Eight is a high-performance all-mountain freeride ski that is packed full of technology and intelligent design. The 3D Ridge construction makes this ski incredibly light and concentrates the mass of the ski in the middle, making it easier to overcome inertia when making rotations. Carbon stringers work to stiffen up the ski, and provide extra pop and rebound out of turns. Tip and tail rocker make this ski even more versatile off-piste and provide increased pivot-ability. At 98mm underfoot you can be sure it is ready for some softer snow adventures too. Rocker: Tip and tail Flex: Medium Radius: 14.9 @ 163cm Sidecut: 133 – 98 – 116 Core: Multi Layer Woodcore Construction: Sidewall Base: P-Tex 2100 Tail Type: Flat
Atomic Vantage X 80 CTI
$425.00 $850.00 50% Savings
The Vantage X 80 CTI is one solid ride for the strong intermediate to expert skier who want a lightweight, snappy, and stable ski for flying down the groomers. Atomic's Firewall Construction has excellent vibration dampening properties, while transferring all of your energy to the edges of the skis for superb edge hold. An Exo Profile uses a 3D Profile that uses slanted sidecuts to lower the swingweight of the ski, and increase the maneuverability. The guts of the Vantage X 80 have a unique combination of the Titanium Backbone 2.0, Carbon Tank Mesh, and Power Woodcore that delivers a stable ski, loaded with pop, and lightning quick to turn. Carbon Tank Mesh Firewall Exo Profile Titanium Backbone 2.0 Power Woodcore All-Mountain Rocker 1.9kg/Per Ski (@173cm) Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: Yes What Binding is Included?: Warden 13 Binding DIN: 5-13 Binding Weight Range: 130+ lbs. Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 125.5/80/110 (@173cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 15.2m (@173cm) Construction Type: Sidewall Core Material: Wood w/ Metal Laminate
Nordica Sentra Sl 7 Ti Evo
$499.50 $999.00 50% Savings
Volkl Flair 81
$532.50 $1,065.00 50% Savings
The new Flair 81 from Volkl makes an excellent ski for aggressive skiing women looking for smooth turns and agility on the frontside of the mountain. Volkl's new 3D Glass Technology uses horizontally wrapped glass above the sidewall and vertically laminated glass behind the sidewalls that increase torsional rigidity, rebound and edge hold to deliver a fantastic skiing experience. The 3D Ridge reduces the total weight of the ski and enhances maneuverability by having a thinner construction over the sidewalls and a single raised ridge over the center of the ski. Rocker in the tip and tail drive you into and out of turns with little effort while camber underfoot grips the snow and springs you into another turn. The Flair 81 is Powered by Carbon for more weight savings, stiffness and power when you are out carving it up in the sun. New 3D Glass 3D Ridge Construction Powered by Carbon Full 3D Sidewall Light 3D Ridge Core Compatible with Grip Walk Boot Soles 2725g/Per Ski w/Bindings (@163cm)
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