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Rossignol FRENEMY
$269.97 $450.00 40% Off
With the Frenemy the mountain will be at your feet. The Frenemy is the perfect all-round freestyle board to inspire confidence in advanced skiers on all terrains and in all conditions. Balanced flex combines with 5S serrated edges and Kevlar® reinforced core to provide smooth, fluid edge-to-edge control. The versatile, multi-purpose profile of the inverted bridge provides just the right level of strength, lift and flotation to keep pace with your ambitions. A balanced level of edge and flotation The AmpTek All-Mountain Rocker Inverted Bridge offers a balanced level of stability, buoyancy, grip and allowability Reliable edge control 5S serrated edges increase grip for safe turning with a smooth feel Balanced grip and handling RadCut turning technology facilitates use at slow speeds and full-length edge grip at high speeds Maximum stability and jump capacity Fully symmetrical Twin All-Mountain flex maximizes jumping and balance for freestyle Versatile design for all-mountain Medium coefficient of deflection provides greater stability and ease of maneuvering on any terrain Sustainability All Rossignol's snowboard cores come from sustainably managed forests ABS The ABS reinforcement in the center wall, integrated with the LCT technology, offers performance, grip and versatility. WOOD CBF1 Our WOOD CBF1 core features a single type of laminated wood with basalt and Kevlar fibers in the center for greater stability and power as well as smooth transitions from edge to edge.
Rossignol GALA
$244.97 $350.00 30% Off
The new GALA, designed for beginners and slightly more advanced skiers, offers a comfortable and rewarding experience on the mountain so you can concentrate more on learning the moves without continuously falling off your face. Our AmpTek Auto-Turn bridge profile provides easy fun in any snow condition with effortless flotation and complete edge control for easy, natural progression, so you can improve your technique and progress faster. ABS The ABS reinforcement in the center wall, integrated with the LCT technology, offers performance, grip and versatility. FLEX 3 Rossignol's snowboard flex ratings range from the softest (1) to the stiffest (10), so you can choose the flex that best suits your skills and style. Softer boards are easier to handle. Stiffer boards offer more power and stability.
Rossignol GALA
DETAILS Designed for beginning to progressing riders, the new Gala offers a comfortable and forgiving all-mountain ride so you can focus more on learning the motions, instead of falling on your face. Our AmpTek Auto-Turn rocker profile supplies...
Rossignol MERAKI
DETAILS MERAKI (may-rah-kee): to do something with complete love and devotion. Our latest true twin freestyle women's snowboard is certainly designed for the devoted or soon to be. Featuring AmpTek AutoTurn rocker, a soft symmetrical flex, true twin...
Nidecker ELLE
EASY-GOING, ALL-TERRAIN Ideal for riders looking for a board to improve on DESCRIPTION The Elle is designed specifically for beginners, but also great for novices who’ve been off the slopes for a while. The twin directional shape makes it easy to control, perfect for completing your first turns safely, and the soft flex offers a smooth, fatigue-free ride. It features: our Classic Sandwich construction, built using the high quality materials that let us produce great performing boards; our standard Full Wood Core, made of poplar combined with beech reinforcements in the nose and tail for optimum lightness, pop, responsiveness and durability; our Freestyle Camrock with rocker in the nose and tail, and flat between the bindings to add stability and give you the confidence you need to progress quickly; and our easy-maintenance N-5000 universal base, designed to absorb wax and retain it longer for a super smooth ride. 2+1 YEAR WARRANTY Extend your two year Nidecker warranty to three years by registering your board online for free! Nidecker Snowboards offers a three-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
Nidecker VENUS
$258.97 $369.95 30% Off
FOR WOMEN WHO LOVE TO RIDE Ideal for women who want to ride anything and everything DESCRIPTION The Venus is specially designed for riders who like an added touch of performance in their all mountain freeriding. The directional shape gives the board lots of drive, but with only a 1cm difference between the nose and the tail, it’s great fun, and easy to ride switch. It features: our Standard Camrock three-phase camber construction with added rocker in the nose and tail, and traditional camber between the bindings for extra pop and control; our Premium Sandwich construction made with advanced material like carbon for increased durability and improved shock absorption; and our super strong, responsive and lightweight Master Core, built with the perfect harmony of different wood types and densities for a superior weight-to-performance-to power ratio. 2+1 YEAR WARRANTY Extend your two year Nidecker warranty to three years by registering your board online for free! Nidecker Snowboards offers a three-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
Burton Custom Smalls Snowboard
$216.97 $309.95 30% Off
The kids' Burton Custom Smalls Snowboard has been a highly maneuverable, skill-accelerating ride since its inception, and recent updates make it an even harder-charging option for snowboarding's youngest rippers. PurePop Camber, it serves up a balanced blend of flex and pop, perfect for taking a freestyle attitude to the whole mountain. The Channel® mounting system means the easiest, most adjustable setup possible with compatibility that works with any binding from most major brands. The Custom Smalls is designed for kids who shred it all from park to pow and everything in between. ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: Feel the PowweeeeRRR! This year's graphic goes big and bold with an iconic lightning bolt. Our team rider, Ben Ferguson, was looking for something that was in your face and a strike of lightning seemed to be just that. What better way to go big and bold on one of the most iconic boards in snowboarding?
Burton Stylus Snowboard
$251.97 $359.95 30% Off
Put your stylus to the canvas and make your mark. The Burton Stylus Snowboard is an easygoing tool for getting the hang of snowboarding, and provides plenty of performance so the fun doesn't stop once you start shredding. A flat base, forgiving flex, twin shape, and Easy Bevel edges make it easy to initiate turns, hard to accidentally catch an edge, and almost impossible to wipe the huge smile off your face.
Burton Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard
$314.97 $449.95 30% Off
From unexplored peaks to your favorite parks, the Burton Yeasayer tames anything that stands in your way. The board's Flying V profile provides a relaxed and floaty feel, while a true twin design keeps you in control no matter which way you point it. A laundry list of features all work together to ensure that the ride is as friendly as it is fun, with an energetic core, and Scoop tip and tail, which turn up the edges for a catch-free feel whether you're surfing through knee deep pow or sliding a box in the park.
Nidecker ORA
DESCRIPTION Brand new for 2021/22, the Ora is a versatile women’s board with all the tech you need to get to the next level – fast. The key to this model is its full wood core and playful mid-soft flex, ideal for mastering the perfect turn or popping your first tricks in the park. The Standard Camrock profile offers the best of both worlds: camber between your feet for spring-loaded response, and extended rocker towards the nose and tail which makes it harder to catch an edge and improves float in deep snow. The directional twin shape provides optimal performance in your regular stance but is still happy going switch, making the Ora the only board you need, whatever the conditions. With a bunch of technology that’s trickled down from our top-end models, it also offers unbeatable value.
Burton Stylus Snowboard
Set yourself up for a successful start to your snowboarding skill development by getting yourself a board made to work with you, not against you. The Burton Stylus Snowboard is full of beginner-friendly features like a flat bottom profile with Burton s Easy Bevel, a technology that smooths out turns by making it difficult to catch an edge so you can learn to intuitively control your snowboard. Where will you go next on your Burton Stylus Snowboard?
Burton Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard
If you're ready to up your snowboarding game and add some sizzle to those bacon-good lines you're cooking up, just say "yes" to the Burton Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard. This shred-everything true twin features Burton s Flying V hybrid camber profile for the unreal blend of float and bite true all-terrain riders crave with a durable extruded base that is both fast and well-prepared for daily laps. Innovative shaping provides float through all types of snow, a catch-free ride, and traction even when things get dicey.
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