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Winter Accessories

Giro Chin Guard Hardware Kit
Includes 4 large flat head screws and one small allen wrench to fix the chin bar to your Giro helmet. Fits all Giro race helmets.
Leki Cobra Basket
Alpine Cobra spares for all threaded LEKI tips. Tool-less replacement.
The Swix Acrylic Plexi Scraper for XC Skis and Alpine Skis is a must for every skier's tool box. Removal of old wax, or wax that was used for your last session's snow conditions is essential for achieving the correct wax structure for your Skis. 5MM THICKNESS
Sport Tube Strap and Band Pack
Holds skis and poles together and retracts brakes inside any Sportube case for easier packing.
Sport Tube Wire Case Pin Pack
Non-locking steel closure pins for all Sportube cases comply with TSA regulations. Includes two wire case pins.
Sport Tube Easy Pull Handle
The back saving Easy Pull Handle makes pulling your Sportube effortless. The ergonomic, rubber grip improves comfort and can be attached quickly and easily to any Sportube. With the Easy Pull Handle, you can now pull your Sportube behind you like a piece of luggage instead of by your side
Snowboard Acrylic Plexi Scraper allows you to easily remove excess wax.
Leki Big Mountain Basket
Pimp your poles with colourful Big Mountain baskets. Suitable for all threaded LEKI tips. Tool-less replacement.
Sport Tube Roof Rack Straps
Quickly and easily attach your Sportube to your roof rack when driving to your local resort or up to the mountain in your rental car. 1" x 84" (2.5cm x 213cm) in length, these straps are long enough and strong enough for any Sportube case as well as any other load you may carry on your rack. Each pack of Roof Rack Straps comes with two 1" x 84" long polypropylene webbing straps with a metal tightening buckle. The Sportube's are designed in a way that allows the straps to easily wrap around the tube as well as the cross bars on the roof rack. We have driven with our Sportubes strapped to the roof rack for many years, sustaining speeds upwards of 80 mph with no noise or issues. In addition to using the straps for your Sportube, they can also be used for just about anything else you want to strap to your roof rack, the bed of your truck or any other place! Yet another easy way to transport your gear to the slopes safely with your Sportube.
Giro Audio Wired Chips Helmet Audio Kit
$14.97 $29.99 50% Off
Get great stereo sound with the Giro Wired Chips Audio system which has sound powered by Outdoor Tech. You can easily install this system into your ski or snowboard helmet. It also features stereo quality drop-in speakers with 40mm power drivers. Long lasting performance up to -20 Degrees.
Flow Snowboard Binding Channel Discs
1 pair black M6 The Channel Discs For Burton Channel Snowboards Compatible with F, H and M series Baseplates 4 screws with integrated washers
Sport Tube Nik Nac Pac
The Sportube Nik Nac Pac is ideal for holding all the little things you take on vacation such as shoes, goggles, gloves and even your dirty laundry. It fits neatly between skis and boards in Series 2 and Series 3 Sportube cases* or in any other luggage.
Giro TuneUps Cassette
$19.97 $50.00 60% Off
The Giro TuneUps Cassette is the hassle free way to stay connected whther you are on the mountain or at home. Super thin speakers disappear into Giro helmets earpads or clip inot the included on-ear headband for a totally seamless integration. The system includes a smart phone cable with inline volume and mic and is compatible with iPhone and Blackberry.
Bolle Freeze Goggles
$19.99 $29.00 - $29.99 Up to 33% Off
Sport Tube TSA Lock
If shipping your Sportube, the TSA Lock is perfect to make sure your gear gets to your destination exactly as you packed it. With no TSA to inspect it, the combination lock will keep anyone that comes across your shipment from being able to see what you have inside.
Giro Goggle Case
Protect those fresh new Giro goggles in this stylish and easy to use zipper case. Lightweight and durable - it will last you season after season!
Smith Optics Gambler Goggles
$20.97 - $35.00 $35.00 Up to 40% Off
Swix Junior
Aluminum pole for youngest ones with Swix junior handle in soft material and ergonomically fitted to children hands.
Bolle Explorer
$23.97 $39.99 40% Off
Goggles with bright colours, perfect for kids and parents, crammed full of high-tech, guaranteeing perfect visibility for hurtling down snowy slopes.
Smith Optics Project Goggles
$23.97 - $40.00 $40.00 Up to 40% Off
The budget-friendly Smith Project Goggles are built to reduce fog even in weather that would make sasquatch tremble. Built around airflow lens technology with a Fog-X anti-fog inner lens, these optics are poised to be your favorite piece of gear when everyone else has gone in for lack of proper eyewear. These helmet compatible goggles feature an ultra-wide, silicone backed strap for grip against your helmet and all-day comfort on the hill. Ride with confidence and grab a pair of Smith Project Goggles.
Sport Tube Luggage Scale
With our Hand Held Digital Luggage Scale, you will always know how much your Sportube or luggage weighs before you go to the airport. Avoid those frustrating times at the check in counter, riffling through your bags, to take out 2-5 pounds so you don't get charged extra fees. With baggage fees going through the roof, this scale will pay for itself with one use. Just loop it through your Sportube or luggage handle, hold up until the weight shows and you're done. It's that easy to make sure you are under your airlines allowable weight limit before overweight fees kick in.
Giro Boreal
$24.99 $40.00 38% Off
The Boreal OTG goggles from Giro are an exceptional pricepoint set of eyewear. The Boreal's value is unbeatable too, you'll get a comfortable, fog-free experience that will also be able to accommodate your eyeglasses if you choose to wear them. Available in a black or white with two different lens choices, Giro has made it easy for you to choose your next pair of goggles!
Swix Rectangular Blue Nylon Brush T0160B Nylon polish brush for all waxes All blue bristles
Salomon Kaloo Ski Poles
Durable, lightweight and comfortable in smaller hands, Kaloo is ready for any jr ski day.
Bolle Inuk Goggles
$29.00 - $29.99
Bolle Royal
$29.97 $49.99 40% Off
A high-tech protective armor applied to the outer lens creates a shield to significantly reduce scratching, keeping your lenses and outlook as clear as a bluebird sky. Creation of a dual-pane thermal barrier between the cold dry outside air and the moisture generated by intense activity prevents distracting condensation from forming Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead.
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