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Winter Accessories

$3.19 $3.99 20% Savings
Used for klister application. Or to remove wax or klister from the base before cleaning with Base Cleaner.
Swix Tech Junior
$11.00 $22.00 50% Savings
Aluminum pole for youngest ones with Swix Junior handle in soft material and ergonomically fitted to children hands.
Swix Junior
$11.50 $23.00 50% Savings
Aluminum pole for youngest ones with Swix junior handle in soft material and ergonomically fitted to children hands.
Rossignol Snow Flake Jr Poles
$15.00 $30.00 50% Savings
Rossignol Stove Pipe Jr. Ski Poles
$15.00 $30.00 50% Savings
The Stove Pipe Jr. is a simple and economical ski pole for little skiers. The Junior Specific Grip is designed to fit into the smaller skier's hand very easily. Junior Specific Grip 14mm Shaft 50mm Basket
Swix Tech Lite
$15.00 $30.00 50% Savings
The Swix TechLite AL 190 ski poles. Reasonably priced practical design ski pole. Construction: Made of 5086 alloy Aluminum. Handle: Standard handle that gives you maximum grip. Strap: Easily adjustable strap to give you precise hold. Basket: Standard basket that works well in both soft powder and hard packed snow.
Rossignol Snow Flake
$20.00 $40.00 50% Savings
Subtle, sophisticated snow flake graphics accent this attractive pole from Rossignol, in fact it is called the Rossignol Snow Flake pole, go figure! These poles have a soft rubberized plastic grip, adjustable nylon strap and a very lightweight aluminum alloy shaft. For lady skier's looking for an inexpensive, lightweight pole, this one is a winner!
Rossignol Snow Flake Poles
$20.00 $40.00 50% Savings
The SNOWFLAKE is a women's freeride pole with a durable aluminum shaft and women-specific grip.
Salomon Arctic
$20.00 $40.00 50% Savings
Light weight aluminum pole with elegant, modern graphics. For skiers who want value and straightforward performance. Designed For: Value Durability Light weight
Salomon Arctic Lady Pole
$20.00 $40.00 50% Savings
Lightweight, women's specific pole with a women's bi-material grip and cool design.
Smith Optics Daredevil
$21.00 $35.00 40% Savings
The Daredevil is the next level in over-the-glass technology for kids. Ample interior volume, a floating foam membrane, and a fresh, semi-rimless style, come together to create an exceptional OTG goggle for kids.
Smith Optics Gambler
$21.00 $35.00 40% Savings
PRODUCT FEATURES: Cylindrical dual thermal lens Fog-X anti-fog inner lens Youth fit - small-medium Dual-slide strap adjustment system Single layer hypoallergenic face foam Silicone backed strap
Smith Optics Gambler
$21.00 $35.00 40% Savings
Designed to perform perfectly in wintry conditions, the Gambler will make sure your groms won’t have to gamble on the slopes. Custom strap graphics and performance lens options for the next generation of superstars.
Bolle Explorer
$23.99 $39.99 40% Savings
Goggles with bright colours, perfect for kids and parents, crammed full of high-tech, guaranteeing perfect visibility for hurtling down snowy slopes.
Giro Boreal
$24.00 $40.00 40% Savings
The Boreal OTG goggles from Giro are an exceptional pricepoint set of eyewear. The Boreal's value is unbeatable too, you'll get a comfortable, fog-free experience that will also be able to accommodate your eyeglasses if you choose to wear them. Available in a black or white with two different lens choices, Giro has made it easy for you to choose your next pair of goggles!
Swix Rectangular Blue Nylon Brush T0160B Nylon polish brush for all waxes All blue bristles
Swix WC Slalom Junior
$27.50 $55.00 50% Savings
* Just like the adult racing pole with a smaller diameter shaft. Top of the line 7075 aluminum racing poles * New DD5 grip with Add Tab (anti-dropping device). Carbide tipped ferrule * Shaft Diameters: Handle: 16 mm, Ferrule 10mm
Bolle Royal
$29.99 $49.99 40% Savings
A high-tech protective armor applied to the outer lens creates a shield to significantly reduce scratching, keeping your lenses and outlook as clear as a bluebird sky. Creation of a dual-pane thermal barrier between the cold dry outside air and the moisture generated by intense activity prevents distracting condensation from forming Embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead.
Giro Launch
$35.97 - $48.00 $60.00 Up To 40% Savings
The easy-wearing Launch helmet features our finest performance technologies in a lightweight, durable In-Mold Construction. The Launch is equipped with the In Form Fit System and offered in two youth sizes ensuring the great fit. The bonus of a soft interior and Super Cool Vents keeps kids comfortable all day long.
Giro Launch
$35.97 - $60.00 $60.00 Up To 40% Savings
This sleek, easy-wearing new kids helmet features our finest performance technologies in a lightweight yet durable design. Finding the perfect fit is simple—we’ve outfitted the Launch with two youth size options. Offering optimal goggle fit combined with a soft, cozy interior and Super Cool vents keeps kids comfortable all day long.
Giro Ledge
$35.97 - $48.00 $60.00 Up To 40% Savings
The Ledge helmet features a clean, minimalist skate-style design with Hard Shell Construction built for street and park riding. Under-the-hood muscle meets modern technology with removable Auto Loc 2 Fit System and ample venting. The Ledge is super modifiable with removable goggle retainer and earpads to get just the right look.
Smith Optics Grom
$39.00 $65.00 40% Savings
Next level technology for the next level of the sport. The Grom goggle is decked out with our premium carbonic-x spherical lenses and all the high-end fixin's you'd normally see in goggles twice the price. Combined with excellent eyeglass compatbility and ample interior volume, this goggle has anti-fog performance and incredible style, the likes of which have never been seen in a Junior goggle.
Athalon Glider Boot Bag 21
$39.97 $90.00 56% Savings
$39.99 $49.99 20% Savings
Fine-tune your skis for the day's snow conditions by adding the appropriate structure with the Swix Economy Structure Roller tool. Includes an interchangeable brass roller with broken medium V structure Ideal for moist to dry conditions and new and old snow from -4°C and warmer Structure imprint will fade after rewaxing your skis with an iron
Smith Optics Wired Chips
Good call on checking out the Wired Chips®, universal wired helmet audio. Your experience of the universe will soon be enhanced by our slick button controls and awesome audio quality. The Wired Chips® are the best universal helmet audio system for ski and snowboard helmets. Drop them into any helmet with an audio liner and using the rugged audio control cable, you can have your brain bumping Rick Ross. You can really relate to that lifestyle, right? It's like all those songs were written for you. - Rugged, minimal design fits into virtually any helmet designed for audio drop-in systems. - In-line microphone. - IPX-4 sweat and water resistant. - Tested to work perfectly at -20°C/-4°F. - INCLUDES: Rugged Line-in Audio Cable with Mic & Controls, ODT Logo Carry Pouch, User Manual, and Stickers.
Smith Optics Holt
$41.97 $70.00 40% Savings
From the terrain park to the backcountry, the newly redesigned Holt has you covered with smooth style and exceptional fit.
Swix Swix Standard Alpine Tool Kit
$41.97 $70.00 40% Savings
Make sure your skis are ready to take on the winter season with the Swix® Standard Alpine Tool & Wax Kit! This kit includes the Universal F4 All-Temperature paste wax, a wax polishing pad and a tuning tool to keep your edges nice and sharp. A white nylon polish brush is perfect for getting that high-gloss finish and also lets you apply a second layer of wax for added durability. A scraper is included for pre-cleaning and removing excess wax.
Swix WC Slalom
$47.50 $95.00 50% Savings
* Top of the line 7075 aluminum racing poles * DD4 grip with large Add Tab (anti-dropping device). Carbide tipped ferrule * Shaft Diameters: Handle: 18 mm, Ferrule 10mm
Smith Optics Gage
$47.97 $80.00 40% Savings
Certified for snow and bike, the Smith Gage Helmet will keep you comfortable and protected any time of year. Its Bombshell Construction is dent and ding resistant and designed to be durable enough to protect you from hard impacts. The AirEvac 2 Ventilation connects shell vents and internal EPS channels to increase airflow allowing warm and sweaty air to escape which prevents your goggles form fogging. Airflow Climate Control allows you to adjust the 12 vents so that you have the perfect amount of airflow to help keep your head dry and warm. The Self-Adjusting Lifestyle Fit System gives you a great fit whether you're wearing a beanie in the wintertime or biking in the spring. The Bombshell Earpads and goggle lock are both removable for when it's time to switch seasons. Audio System integration thanks to OutdoorTech Wired Chips sold separately. Whether your on the slope or in the street the Smith Gage Helmet earns a place in your gear bag. Bombshell Construction Airflow Climate Control 12 Vents All-Season Use Self-Adjusting Lifestyle Fit System Removable Bombshell Earpads AirEvac 2 Ventilation Removable Google Lock
Giro Launch Kids Helmet
$48.00 $60.00 20% Savings
The Giro Launch is a great helmet for little skiers and snowboarders. The In-Mold Construction is very lightweight and durable. Giro's In Form Fit System allows you 6cm of adjustability to ensure a proper and safe fit. Vertical Tuning allows a seamless integration with the Giro Rev and Chico Goggles. Super Cool Venting keeps a steady flow of air moving through the Launch to pull warm air and sweat through the vents at the back of the helmet to prevent overheating and keep everyone comfortable and happy on the slopes. In-Mold Construction In Form Fit System Vertical Tuning Super Cool Vents Seamless Compatibility with Giro Youth Goggles
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