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Salomon QST ACCESS 80
$212.50 $425.00 50% Off
Overview QST Access 80 has a ratchet buckle for intuitive adjustment, making this easy walking boot convenient and comfortable for all-day skiing.
Salomon S PRO 100 GW
$337.50 - $337.97 $675.00 50% Off
Overview Built for skiers looking for all-day comfort and uncompromised performance, this boot combines easy step-in, a seamless liner and full customization possibilities, so you can experience unmatched fit while chasing that perfect turn. It’s Gripwalk premounted to offer you more safety grip and increased walking comfort.
Salomon S PRO 120 HV
$400.00 $800.00 50% Off
Overview Developed for skiers looking for the comfort and performance of an S/PRO boot adapted to a wider morphology, this boot has been designed with an anatomic last of 102mm. The wider shell construction offers more room, so you can enjoy more comfort without compromising performance. It's Gripwalk premounted for more safety grip & walking comfort.
Salomon S/ MAX 100
$337.97 $675.00 50% Off
S MAX 100 Designed with Salomon's Fast Collective, the S/MAX 100 is a new way of making boots. Its Coreframe construction uses a thinner shell, making the S/MAX lighter, more agile and responsive. In addition to the pre-formed seamless boot, you can customize the fit in less than ten minutes thanks to the new CUSTOM SHELL HD. Precise transmission The Coreframe construction uses a thinner fortified Sensitive Shell, reinforced with a carbon Coreframe to improve both ground feedback and power transmission. Adjust The completely new, pre-formed, seamless boot improves comfort. Plus, the new Custom Shell HD makes the fit fully customizable in just 10 minutes. Sensitivity Super-lightweight construction offers natural snow contact, while the Sense Amplifier and 2-position strap offer the ultimate in feedback and adjustment for optimal performance. Coreframe provides lightness, improves sensations and increases power. It is an insert that guarantees the rigidity of the boot after the Custom Shell HD process. The Custom Shell HD process allows you to customize the bottom shell of your boots quickly, in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and offer improved feel, more power and direct transmission. New, preformed, anatomically designed boot with no external or internal seams. It offers comfort and precision and guarantees a warmer fit. Polyurethane + Fiberglass Coreframe + Custom Shell HD Consistent density material that guarantees a perfect wrap, progressiveness and good power transmission. The Custom Shell HD process allows you to customize the bottom shell of the boots quickly, in just 10 minutes. The thinner wall construction and new shell materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell and offer improved feel, more power and direct transmission. Sense Amplifier makes you feel progressive and precise at the start of each turn while providing unprecedented reactivity, fast edge-to-edge transmission and acceleration at the end of the turn. 35 mm strap holds the foot securely and provides constant elasticity Pre-assembled GripWalk pad according to ISO 9523 My CustomFit 3D Seamless Perf New, preformed Perf boot with an anatomical design without external or internal seams. To improve comfort and precision and ensure a warmer fit. The oversized riveted pivot guarantees perfect power transmission between the rod and the casing. Choose from 3 different positions of the instep buckles for optimal shoe comfort, complete customization and individualized foot support. Flexion adjustment allows you to enhance or soften flex, depending on snow conditions.
Salomon S/PRO ALPHA 100
$300.00 $600.00 50% Off
DESCRIPTION Developed for skiers looking for a comfortable boot that easily adapts to the shape of their feet, Salomon's S/PRO ALPHA 100 offers a new level of fit and performance. With an easily customizable shell and liner, this 98mm boot offers stronger heel support without adding unnecessary pressure on the instep.
Rossignol ALLSPEED PRO 100
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
-All-mountain boot that thrives on the foot of intermediate skiers -100 rated flex balaces power and forgiveness for control -Medium 100mm last is comfortable for a variety of feet -Sensor Blade shell optimizes energy and power transmission -Custom Optisensor liner is heat moldable for a precise fit -Thinsulate insulation keeps your feet toasty warm -Classic 2-piece construction limits power loss to edges
Rossignol HERO WORLD CUP 110 SC
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
Buckle up and enjoy race control with the Hero World Cup 110. This powerful, high-performance boot, designed for competition and piste riding, features a medium fit, anatomical 100mm last for technical skiing. The race-developed dual-material shell offers dynamic flex and rebound, making the boot a natural extension of the leg for improved precision and total control in every turn. Medium Fit The Medium Cut version has a 100 mm length that ensures a comfortable and precise fit with a perfect balance of control and comfort. Easier skiing, better fit Dual Core technology provides targeted power transmission and shell wrap, resulting in livelier rebound, response and control Short shank design Shorter upper shank design brings a more natural stance to skiers with shorter legs, increasing balance, comfort and performance Anatomical and comfortable fit Pre-shaped liner is designed to mold to the contour of the ankle bone and provides an anatomical and comfortable fit inside the boot shell
$399.97 $800.00 50% Off
The Rossignol Hero World Cup Si ZJ 110 Flex Ski Boot 2017 is a low profile race boot meant for elite adult and junior athletes. This is the boot used by Rossi's top athletes at the highest levels, including the World Cup. This is one of the narrowest race boots at 92mm and comes with a thin lace liner which makes this boot one of the most responsive boots available. This boot works for Elite U16, U18, U21, and Masters Racers. Just choose the appropriate flex and you are ready to go racing.
Rossignol HI-SPEED PRO 100 MV
$299.97 $499.95 40% Off
From Rossignol's Hi Speed range of piste ski boots, the Hi Speed Pro 100 MV offers comfort and great performance during your descents in the resort. Their medium fit allows you to have enough room at metatarsal height while maintaining good support to guide your skis properly. What do the Rossignol Hi Speed Pro 100 Mv Black Yellow ski boots do? The Hi Speed Pro 100 Mv has an accessible 100 flex to delight a large number of skiers. They are equipped with a Custom liner that adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot from the first uses. They also feature Thinsulate Stretch insulation for all-day warmth. As for the Generative Design shell with Dual Core technology, it offers a good dynamism while being lightweight to remain comfortable to wear. A very complete model that perfectly combines performance and comfort. Translated with (free version)
Rossignol SPEED 90
$210.00 $350.00 40% Off
The Rossignol Speed 90 is a great option for intermediate level skis with a wide forefoot and medium calf volume. Feet stay comfortable with the Custom T3 Liner that can be heat molded for a custom fit after taking it to a qualified ski shop. Flex Adjustment allows the rider to dial in their flex, whether it's softer or stiffer for a custom ride to your liking. Getting the boot onto your foot is made easy with Easy Entry PU which is softer plastic located in the instep area of the boot. Sensor Matrix is the process of the eliminating unwanted shell material for a lightweight boot without sacrificing performance. Get off the rentals and onto your own pair with the Rossignol Speed 90.
Rossignol X-R
$83.97 $139.95 40% Off
The Rossignol XR is an easy to use rental cross-country touring boot. If you are looking to get into cross-country skiing for the first time, or you a seasoned veteran, the XR cross-country is as comfortable as a slipper while providing enough torsional and longitudinal stiffness to make it a great all-around boot. This jack of all trades workhorse will ease you into kicking and gliding bliss on groomed trails as well as allowing for making your own path on ungroomed surfaces. A traditional lace-up build makes for easy on and off applications. The lining of the boot is extremely warm, made up of a polyester weave. An easy to use lacing system allows for fine tuning for just the right fit while the upper and lower cuffs are built to last with PVC construction. A touring-specific sole works in harmony with the binding for increased support as you schuss through winter. The touring sole has been designed to provide great stability for all types of cross-country skiers. It reinforces the comfort of the boot, while providing enough performance to tackle any cross-country adventure. Cross-country skiing offers something for everyone to enjoy, from casual exercise to heart pounding ascents and descents. It is a sport that rewards you with each each step or glide that you take and gives back what you put in. From looping to amazing views, technical tracks to practice your skills on, or even casual ski-strolling through beautiful forests, you won't miss a beat with the Rossignol XR cross-country ski boots.
Nordica CRUISE 70
$180.00 $300.00 40% Off
Celebrate a day on the slopes with the Nordica Cruise 70 Ski Boot. This boot is designed for beginner and intermediate skiers and provides comfort and confidence to add to the fun and fuel progression. The wider fit and softer shell are forgiving and the streamlined anatomical shape enhances control and response. There is a dual soft flap instep, the throat of the boot opens exceptionally wide to make the Cruise 70 easy to put on and take off. This boot also provides a refined fit as the shell and liner can be readily customized. Adjustable Cuff Profile Instep Volume Control Dual Easy Entry Instep GripWalk Compatible
$344.97 $689.00 50% Off
The Fire Arrow boot is a completely new design built to meet the needs of modern skiers who create greater lateral forces, increase inclination and ski at faster speeds.The Firearrow boots address these new demands with an entirely new shell design to enhance lateral precision, progressive forward flex creating easier ankle articulation and a 45 degree closure system for maximum heel retention. Stiffness: 14.0, Progression: 2, Rebound: H, Last:100 45 Degree Retention: Maximum heel retention, forefoot comfort, easiest entry and exit regardless of temperature Dynamic Performance Code: The DPC measures the three performance parameters. STIFFNESS, PROGRESSION, REBOUND. Stiffness measures the amount of force needed to bend the boot forward. The higher the boot stiffness, the higher the transmission of power to the ski. Progression - progression represents the increase in stiffness as the boot is flexed forward from the neutral position to deepest flex point. The bigger progression, the stiffer the boot behaves through the forward flex allowing the most precise load transmission of the ski. Rebound - Rebound measures the rate at which the boot returns to the neutral upright position from the deepest flexing point. The higher the rate of rebound the faster the boot returns, enabling a quicker turn and ski edge change. Easy Step in: 3 piece construction allows the widest soothest boot entry available Last Shape: 100mm Flex Index: up to 115 progressive Material: Tr. PU Ether Easy-Entry: Tongue Extra-Grip: High Traction Dual Density PU Shell Type: PFP Precision Fit Buckle Material: ALU Micro: 3 Macro-Adjust: 3 positions - screwed Flex Adjust: Hard-Soft Rear Spoiler: Quick Set Canting: double
Nordica HF 110 GW
$389.99 $649.99 40% Off
Length: 4.016 in. Volume: medium width Soles: Gripwalk Extra Grip & 5355 in crate Footprint: precise fit PrimaLoft TF; lining: 3D Cork Fit PrimaLoft Gripwalk Grip Sole: great grip on different terrains, easy to walk in Perfect ski boots for any skier
Dalbello AVANTI 100
$274.97 $550.00 50% Off
The AVANTI 100 is for top level skiers who seek high performance in a boot with more generous foot volume than traditional race level boots offer. With a 100 flex and 100 mm fit last, large, strong and aggressive skiers should take note. The Avanti 100 utilizes a 3D Power Frame architecture for improved handling and power transfer. The Avanti 100 also comes equipped with custom heat moldable IF Sport innerboots that are super lightweight, warm and precise.
Dalbello BOSS 110
$330.00 $550.00 40% Off
BOSS 110 A high energy performer that rips it up all around the mountain or in the park, the BOSS 110 features an easy-fitting 103mm fit last. It utilizes similar performance technologies found in Dalbello's highly acclaimed Krypton platform, with 3-piece Cabrio architecture, Contour 4 Fit Technology, and a modern, Center Balanced 'Rocker' Stance. The high quality Instant Fit Performance liner can be thermo formed after just a few minutes of heating for an optional instant break-in.
Dalbello DRS 90 LC
$270.00 $450.00 40% Off
Thanks to the lower cuff and softer flex index of 90, the DRS 90 LC gives even junior athletes and lighter skiers the chance to enjoy the performance and power transfer of a DRS. The DRS 90 LC offers the perfect combination of performance and comfort, and guarantees plenty of stability and control when skiing. Numerous fine-tuning options enable precise adjustment to the wearer’s skiing style.
Dalbello DS 110
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
The Dalbello DS 110 is a great option for intermediate to advanced level skiers with medium width forefoot and medium sized shaft of the leg. The DS is support my exterior spine called the Power Cage enhancing the boots power transmission to the ski and binding. Take your boots into a qualified ski shop and put My Fit technology to the test which allows the shell and liner to be full heat moldable, for a custom fit. Contour 4 Constructions strategically maps the anatomical contours of your feet for custom comfort pockets for enhanced feel, avoiding cramps in your feet. The Thermal Insulated Bootboard helps with further energy transmission while keeping the base of the boot liners warm. Drive and Control technology offers more room and the toe box while support the heel to avoid slippage while keeping blood circulating in your feet for all day comfort and warmth. Dalbello knows reliability and comfort when it comes to the DS 110. Best Fits a Medium Forefoot and Medium Shaft of the Leg Power Cage 3D Grip Texture Contour 4 My Fit Overlap Design Drive and Control Thermal Insulated Bootboard
Dalbello DS AX 90
$199.97 - $400.00 $400.00 Up to 50% Off
The combination of the exclusive mix of materials and the Powercage structure makes the DS AX 90 GW one of the most technically advanced models in its price class. It offers the perfect combination of relaxed skiing behavior and handling, excellent performance, and direct power transfer. Advanced skiers with slightly wider feet will appreciate the easy step-in and comfortable fit, enabling them to enjoy their day on the slopes without achy feet or signs of fatigue. MyFit technology enables both the IF liner and shell to be individually adapted if necessary so as to achieve the optimum fit. State-of-the-art GripWalk profiled soles come pre-fitted to significantly improve walking comfort and grip.
Dalbello DS MX 80
$124.97 $250.00 50% Off
The Dalbello DS MX 80 makes a great ski boot for the intermediate to advanced skier that has a wide forefoot and larger calf volume. The DB MX Comfort Liner has anatomically correct padding that supports your feet and keeps your feet cushioned as you cruise the blues on the mountain. Dalbello's Hyperlite Shell has a lightweight feeling with enough power to keep your skis responsive and have you in control. A 40mm Velcro Strap increases rebound and responsiveness by keeping a firm wrap across your shin. Best Fits a Wide Forefoot and Wide Shaft of the Leg DB MX Comfort Liner 40mm Velcro Strap
Dalbello JAKK
$179.99 $299.99 40% Off
JAKK The Jakk enjoys special status among freestyle and freeski beginners on account of its lightness, comfort and performance. The Jakk: freestyle and freeski beginners swear by it because of its comfort and performance. Its technologically sophisticated three-piece structure gives the boot a highly reactive flex designed for this use, as well as excellent support at the sides and back. Dalbello’s typical centre balanced stance helps riders make the most of a ski’s potential by positioning their bodyweight right over the sweet spot. This gives you control and means you need less force to steer your skis. CABRIO DESIGN Dalbello's unique Cabrio construction combines a boot shell/boot cuff assembly with an external Kinetic Response Tongue closure which enables a smoother and progressive power transmission same as great shock absorption. Furthermore the long range of flex and a dynamic rebound are characteristic of the Cabrio Construction. Besides the Kinetic Response Tongue, the Dynalink heel retention, the Hike/Ride mechanism and the Inverted Forefoot Buckles are matching perfectly together to make this construction the best versatile and flexible partner in all kind of terrain, especially the backcountry and the park!
Dalbello PANTERA 90
$330.00 $550.00 40% Off
PANTERRA 90 GW Skiers focused on enjoyment and looking for a fully equipped ski boot that combines great performance with comfort will love the new Panterra 90 GW with a more progressive flex and improved comfort. GripWalk soles are pre-fitted. Intermediate to advanced skiers find everything they need in the new Panterra 90 GW with GripWalk soles. It offers a wide range of adjustable parameters and outstanding comfort. The Powercage design and milled outer shell result in great power distribution across the entire boot and reduce the weight without compromising on stability. The variable sole angle with a canting system under the foot and the adjustable cuff volume provide additional options for adapting the boot to meet individual preferences. A new tongue provides better shell integration, improved ergonomics, more rebound and a very supportive flex. The cabrio design also impresses with a three-piece structure featuring uniform flex and shock absorption as well as lateral and rear support. In addition, stepping in and out of the boot are easier than ever. The TF Sport liner can be briefly heated in the shop and individually adapted to the foot. Thanks to the GripWalk soles, hike mode with a 33° ski/hike range, and adjustable outer shell, the Panterra 90 GW offers maximum wearing and walking comfort. The use of the 3D grip texture furthermore makes the Panterra extremely robust.
Dalbello PANTERRA 120 GW
$359.99 $599.99 40% Off
PANTERRA 120 GW The new version of the legendary model with the 10% lighter Power Cage shell, the 3D Grip texture, the adjustable upper angle and the new Ski/Hike system with a 50° range of motion. The shell is made of IRFRAN and the boot weighs only 1690 g which is unbelievable in this class of ski boot. With lightweight and durable buckles, CDB Kinetic Tongue, laser finished shell. 100% customization with the My Fit system. Cabrio construction is responsible for the exceptional comfort of these boots. No other construction offers such comfort. This is already noticeable when putting the boots on. Dynalink closure system that prevents foot slippage and raises the heel for more control and better transmission to the ski. Respects the anatomical contours of the foot in the four critical zones. The width of the boot in the toe area is adjustable in the range of 102-100 mm. The ID inner liner is fully thermoformable and guarantees a perfect fit to the foot, thermal comfort, water resistance and is 200 g lighter than traditional inner boots. ID inner boots are the highest standard on the market for customized inner boots. After thermal adjustment, the inner liner and shell are ideally shaped for the foot. The Panterra is a versatile and technological boot. It will be ideal for both steep descents and recreational skiing. The boots feature the MY FIT system: thermoformable shell and liner, and Contour 4 anatomical shape. With GRIP WALK sole for the best grip and the most comfortable walk. Including an additional volume-adjusting insole. If you place it under the insole of the inner liner it will reduce the boot by half a size. Basic features: Stiffness: FLEX 130, Width: 102-100 mm, Grip Walk, 3D grip, Power Cage, MY FIT System, Cabrio Construction, Center Balanced Stance, VVF, Dynalink System, Canting, Ski/Hike, Contour 4, Stiffness adjustment, Adjustable Spoiler, F5 Alu buckles with micro-adjustment, ID Max Hike thermoformable inner liner. Comfort and performance in one boot. Translated with (free version)
Dalbello VELOCE 90 GW
$240.00 $400.00 40% Off
VELOCE 90 GW The Veloce 90 GW features Contour 5 technology and pre-fitted GripWalk soles, and is designed for advanced piste skiers looking for a performance-oriented boot with excellent fit and plenty of comfort. Easy power transmission and ski control at high speeds are just two of the benefits of the Veloce 90 GW with 100 mm last and dual injected racing PU shell. It is also comfortable to wear and easy to get on and off. It is slightly softer at the top to make entry easier, and harder at the bottom for precise, dynamic ski control. This together with a Hyperlight cuff, wide power strap and optimum combination of flex and hardness means the boot gives the foot perfect support. Contour 5 technology means the shell and liner adapt to the shape of your foot, eliminating pressure points. Your boot fitter can also modify the shell to your foot with minimal effort. The same applies to the sole plate, which can be used to change the lean angle. Padding in the Contour 5 IF liner provides firm support at the heel and even pressure distribution. An insulating footbed and welded seams help retain heat, even on really cold days. The liner and shell can be adjusted separately to your foot, thanks to MyFit technology. GripWalk soles fitted as standard make walking easier and less slippery CONTOUR 5 For the VELOCE, Dalbello has refined the proven Contour 4 technology to bring the boot’s fit and comfort to a new level, with Contour 5.
Atomic HAWX MAGNA 110
$300.00 $600.00 50% Off
HAWX MAGNA 110 GW An all day, every day boot, the mid-range flex Atomic Hawx Magna 110 GW boot is the solution for advanced skiers with a wider foot. Like the Hawx Ultra and Prime models, this boot is now made with the Prolite shell technology that adds reinforcement in key zones for the peak stability without added weight. With a comfortable foot hold thanks to the pre-shaped 3D Gold liner and in-store Memory Fit process for the boot, shell and liner, you won’t find a more comfortable, high-performance boot in the 102mm last class. Gripwalk Grip pads offer additional traction from icy boot packs to parking lots, while retaining the power transfer of a standard alpine sole. The asymmetrically shaped 3D Stretch Toe Box takes first fit and customization potential to the next level. Make every run your best run.
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