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Salomon QST Access 90
$399.99 $480.00 17% Off
A patented slide in liner makes the easy walking QST Access 90 the perfect choice for an easy to use and easy to ski all mountain boot.
Salomon QST Access 90
$362.97 $725.00 50% Off
Designed with progressing intermediate skiers in mind, the lightweight men's Salomon QST Access 90 ski boots make bootpacks and side hikes a cinch with easy-entry shells and a walk/ski mode. Features: Lightweight polyolefin cuffs combined with even-flexing polyurethane shells deliver an ideal balance of flex and rigidity with minimal weight. Comfortable liners feature a layer of custom-formable foam that allows you to personalize the fit around your shins. Layers of wool and metallic polyester boost insulation to keep feet warm. Ski/hike mechanism frees the specialized upper cuffs from the lower part of the boots with a spring-loaded release to allow comfortable movement for hiking and walking. Innovative V-shaped lower shells and magnesium backbones nearly eliminate flex when backbones are engaged. 104mm footbeds accommodate skiers with wide feet; roomy toe boxes offer enduring comfort. 24mm oversized pivot keeps pivot high on boots, allowing you to drive more power to your skis with less effort. 2 micro aluminum buckles plus adjustable ratchet buckles are lighter than traditional buckles and articulate for comfort while hiking.. Flex index of 90 provides a soft flex and responsive power transfer appropriate for intermediate skiers. Shell and liner design makes it easier to step into the boots and slide the liners in and out of the boots. 50mm power straps add performance and energy transmission.
Salomon S-Max 100 Ski Boot
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
The Salomon X-Max 100 is an excellent option for the strong intermediate to expert skier who has a narrow to medium forefoot and narrow shaft of the leg. Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot adds a tough connection between the upper cuff and lower shell that drives energy right towards your skis for added responsiveness. The new CoreFrame Technology has a thinner wall that is reinforced with fiberglass that give you better feedback on the terrain you are skiing and more power transferred to your skis. The new Custom Shell HD has a new mixture of heat moldable plastic for faster molding than ever before. An Authorized Salomon Dealer has a special oven to heat the shell and customize it to your foot in less than a half hour. The Seamless Perf Liner can also be heated for an accurate, comfortable and performance oriented fit. Best Fits a Narrow to Medium Width Forefoot After the Molding Process and a Narrow Shaft of the Leg CoreFrame Custom Shell HD Seamless Perf Liner 24mm Oversized Pivot 4mm Oversized Pivot 35mm Power Strap
Salomon S/Pro 100
$549.99 $675.00 19% Off
Intermediate to advanced skiers looking for solid performance and all-day comfort should take a hard look at the best-selling Salomon S/Pro 100 Ski Boots. The tremendous out-of-the-box fit, great heel retention and ability to customize fit with Salomon s Custom Shell HD heat molding process are well known, and nothing here has changed. The new boot is lighter than before, with a touch more room over the instep, and the introduction of Coreframe construction means improved response to turn input and less shell deflection when the shell is heavily loaded. A new seamless liner eliminates one of the common problem areas around the toe box.
Salomon X Access 70 Wide
$229.99 $275.00 16% Off
X ACCESS 70 wide uses Oversized Pivot and Twinframe technologies in a last 104mm, providing strong performance and a great fit for all day fun.
Salomon X Max 100
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
The Salomon Men's X Max 100 Frontside Race Ski Boots are high performance race boots that incorporate Twinframe technology to combine superior transmission and power with unmatched foot wrapping for maximum on-piste performance. These boots offer uncompromising power and precision in a slightly softer version for lighter weigh expert skiers. Tech Specs: Flex 100 Last 98/104 Features: Custom Shell 360° for Personalized Comfort with Any Foot Shape Twinframe 360° Custom Shell Bi material PU lower shell Bi-material PU upper cuff Backbone 1 Screw 24mm Oversized Pivot 4mm Integrated Lifter My CustomFit 3D Pro Liner + 1 Loop
Salomon X Max 120
$362.97 - $725.00 $725.00 Up to 50% Off
High performance race boot incoproating Twinframe technology to combine superior transmision and power with unmatched foot wrapping for maximum on-piste performance.
Salomon X Pro 120 Ski Boot
$362.97 $725.00 50% Off
Year after year, the Salomon X Pro 120 Ski Boots are some of the best selling boots on the wall at evo. Is it the great out of the box fit? The Custom Shell heat customization? Great ski performance in any conditions? Yes, yes, and yes. Good things eventually come to an end, but the Salomon X Pro 120 shows no signs of an early demise. Still, better to lock in a pair now if you need a pair of great boots... Fit Last: 100 mm – An average last for most normal width and volume feet or slightly wider. Last can be expanded up to 6mm with heat molding (e.g. 100mm to 106mm). 360? Custom Shell – Salomon's proven heat customization process lets you dial in the fit perfectly. Flex Flex: 120 – A stiff flex suitable for advanced to expert level all-mountain skiers. Liner My CustomFit 3D Liner – Superior heel hold and new anti-packing foam. Shell Materials & Design TwinFrame Technology – Salomon dials in just the right amount of rigidity where it's needed for performance and leaves the shell softer in other areas to enhance comfort and ease of entry. Shell – Polyurethane Cuff – Polyurethane Stance 24mm Oversized Pivot – Reduced play for extreme precision and direct power transmission. Because many modern all mountain skis are wider, they require more torque to stay on edge. Oversized Pivot answers the need of wider skis. Buckles 4 Micro-Adjusting Aluminum 3D Buckles Power Strap 45mm Velcro Strap Sole Heel & Toe Removable Sole Pads – Heel and toe pads can be replaced when worn out.
Salomon X Pro 130
$424.97 - $850.00 $850.00 Up to 50% Off
X-Pro 130 delivers top all mountain performance with the TWINFRAME shell for direct transmission and power, and personalized comfort with a customizable shell and 3D pro liner.
Rossignol Allspeed Pro Heat Ski Boots
$649.99 $800.00 19% Off
Give Old Man Winter a serious run for his money with the Rossignol Allspeed Pro Heat Ski Boots. Featuring a 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulated liner with integrated Therm-ic electric heating unit built in, the Allspeed Pro Heat is designed to keep your feet toasty well into single digit temps and below. If you ski in a cold climate or are prone to frozen feet, this boot could be a game changer.
Rossignol Alltrack 90 Ski Boots
$349.99 $450.00 22% Off
The Alltrack 90 is an excellent choice for the intermediate to advanced skier that has a medium width forefoot and medium size leg shape. Rossignol's Sensor Grid Technology uses a grid like structure across the forefoot and upper shell of the boot that adds extra responsiveness and power while reducing the total weight of the boot. An Easy Entry Insert is made with a softer plastic across the instep area of the foot that allows your foot to slide easily in and out of the boot. The Posi-Block Ski/Hike Mechanism uses a lever on the rear spine of the boot that when you flip it up, it unhinges the upper cuff from the lower shell to create a wide range of motion that makes for easier walking. The Alltrack 90 has a Machined PU Liner that offers the padding and support to keep your foot snug and comfortable all day.
Rossignol Alltrack Pro 100 Boots
$499.99 $600.00 17% Off
The new ALLTRACK PRO 100 delivers an award-winning fusion of power, precision, and hiking performance in our anatomic 100mm "medium fit". Compatible with GripWalk rockered soles, Alltrack offers ski-hike versatility combined with traditional alpine performance that continues to go unmatched. Sensor Grid shell technology and OptiSensor 3D Thinsulate™ Platinum liners deliver optimized foot wrapping, comfort, warmth and support.
Rossignol Hero World Cup 110 SC
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
Rossignol Hero World Cup SI ZJ
$399.97 $800.00 50% Off
The Rossignol Hero World Cup Si ZJ 110 Flex Ski Boot 2017 is a low profile race boot meant for elite adult and junior athletes. This is the boot used by Rossi's top athletes at the highest levels, including the World Cup. This is one of the narrowest race boots at 92mm and comes with a thin lace liner which makes this boot one of the most responsive boots available. This boot works for Elite U16, U18, U21, and Masters Racers. Just choose the appropriate flex and you are ready to go racing.
Rossignol Speed 90 Ski Boot
$174.97 $350.00 50% Off
The Rossignol Speed 90 is designed for the solid intermediate skier who has a medium to wide forefoot and medium to wide calf volume. Rossignol's Sensor Matrix Construction uses a grid positioning structure on the upper cuff and lower shell to reduce the total weight of the shell and improve energy transmission to your skis. A softer plastic insert is molded across the top of the foot called the Easy Entry Insert. This allows your foot to slide in and out of the boot with little effort. Rossi's Optisensor Liner has an anatomically correct fit that has heat moldable properties in the forefoot with more rigid padding in the heel and ankle pocket to keep your heels locked into place. If you want a wide fit and a sturdy performance, the Rossignol Speed 90 is a great option for you. Best Fits a Wide Forefoot and Medium to Wide Leg Shape Sensor Matrix Easy Entry Insert Optisensor Liner
Nordica Cruise 60
$149.97 $299.00 50% Off
The Nordica Cruise 60 is a perfect ski boot that has been designed specifically for the true beginner skier that has a medium to wide forefoot and medium to wide leg shape. A Natural Foot Stance (NFS) has the toes slightly abducted outward the way you would naturally stand to increase the amount of comfort you will have standing in lift lines, just hanging around in your boots. The NFS will increase the amount of efficiency and control that you have when you need to transfer your energy between the edges of your skis. Nordica's PFP Comfort Liner has lots of insulation and padding to keep you warm, comfortable, and supported as you learn and progress to more challenging terrain. Ski Boot Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Forefoot Width: 104mm Actual Flex: 60 Flex Adjustment: No Buckle Count: 4 Cuff Alignment: None
Nordica Cruise 70 Ski Boot
$249.99 $300.00 17% Off
Celebrate a day on the slopes with the Nordica Cruise 70 Ski Boot. This boot is designed for beginner and intermediate skiers and provides comfort and confidence to add to the fun and fuel progression. The wider fit and softer shell are forgiving and the streamlined anatomical shape enhances control and response. There is a dual soft flap instep, the throat of the boot opens exceptionally wide to make the Cruise 70 easy to put on and take off. This boot also provides a refined fit as the shell and liner can be readily customized. Adjustable Cuff Profile Instep Volume Control Dual Easy Entry Instep GripWalk Compatible
Nordica Fire Arrow F3
$344.97 $689.00 50% Off
The Fire Arrow boot is a completely new design built to meet the needs of modern skiers who create greater lateral forces, increase inclination and ski at faster speeds.The Firearrow boots address these new demands with an entirely new shell design to enhance lateral precision, progressive forward flex creating easier ankle articulation and a 45 degree closure system for maximum heel retention. Stiffness: 14.0, Progression: 2, Rebound: H, Last:100 45 Degree Retention: Maximum heel retention, forefoot comfort, easiest entry and exit regardless of temperature Dynamic Performance Code: The DPC measures the three performance parameters. STIFFNESS, PROGRESSION, REBOUND. Stiffness measures the amount of force needed to bend the boot forward. The higher the boot stiffness, the higher the transmission of power to the ski. Progression - progression represents the increase in stiffness as the boot is flexed forward from the neutral position to deepest flex point. The bigger progression, the stiffer the boot behaves through the forward flex allowing the most precise load transmission of the ski. Rebound - Rebound measures the rate at which the boot returns to the neutral upright position from the deepest flexing point. The higher the rate of rebound the faster the boot returns, enabling a quicker turn and ski edge change. Easy Step in: 3 piece construction allows the widest soothest boot entry available Last Shape: 100mm Flex Index: up to 115 progressive Material: Tr. PU Ether Easy-Entry: Tongue Extra-Grip: High Traction Dual Density PU Shell Type: PFP Precision Fit Buckle Material: ALU Micro: 3 Macro-Adjust: 3 positions - screwed Flex Adjust: Hard-Soft Rear Spoiler: Quick Set Canting: double
Nordica NRGY Pro 4
$249.97 $499.00 50% Off
Built from the ground up, featuring proven performance and extraordinary fit, Nordica’s NRGY Pro 4 offers incredible response at an unmatched price. Fine-tuned with a moldable CORK Fit liner technology, screwed canting and the most comfortable liner and toe box.
Nordica NRGy Pro 3
$299.97 $599.00 50% Off
Built from the ground up, featuring proven performance and extraordinary fit, Nordica’s new NRGY Pro 3 offers incredible response at an unmatched price. Fine-tuned with a mouldable CORK Fit liner technology, screwed canting and the most comfortable liner and toebox. Built for skiers seeking a great value with proven benefits. FEATURES: Cuff Profile: ADULT Liner Type/Style: Custom Cork Fit Heat Ready Soles: Heel & Toe (complete interface) Extra-Grip: High Traction Dual Density PU Canted Soles: Available Extra Kit Cuff Alignment: Single (screwed) SPECS: Flex Index: 110 Last: 100mm Progression: 2 Rebound: H Zeppa Material (Wedge): PU Foam Liner: Custom Cork Fit
Nordica Speedmachine 90
$199.97 $399.00 50% Off
The Nordica Speedmachine 90 is an excellent boot for the intermediate to advanced skier who has a medium to narrow forefoot and medium to narrow shaft of the leg. The Speedmachine 90 has the Precision Fit Liner with Primaloft Insulation that keeps your foot supported and warm all day on the mountain. Nordica's Infrared Shell gives an Authorized Nordica Dealer the ability to easily and accurately customize the shell. The bootfitter will heat the zone with an infrared lamp, and then attach an air compressor to pull out the desired area. Tri-Force Shell Construction uses a Dual Easy Entry Instep that allows your foot to slide in and out of the boot. Reinforcements in the sole and spine of the Speedmachine 90 improve responsiveness and control when you ramp up the speed. Best Fits a Medium to Narrow Forefoot and Medium to Narrow Shaft of the Leg Precision Fit Liner Primaloft Insulation Infrared Customizable Shell Tri-Force Shell Construction
Nordica Sportmachine 100 Ski Boot
$399.99 $500.00 20% Off
The Nordica Sportmachine 100 is a fantastic option for the intermediate to advanced skier who need a fit that fits a medium forefoot and leg shape. Nordica's Tri-Force Shell Construction has reinforcements in the sole and spine of the boot to enhance your performance, improve energy transfer and deliver more responsiveness to your skis. The Precision Fit Liner with Primaloft Insulation is a fine mix of support and comfort to keep your feet warm and locked into place on the mountain. The Sportmachine 100 has the Infrared Customizable Shell that an Authorized Nordica Dealer can dial in accurately with a special infrared lamp and air compressor to heat and move the shell for a perfect fit. Best Fits a Medium Width Forefoot and Medium Size Shaft of the Leg Infrared Customizable Shell Precision Fit Liner Tri-Force Shell Construction Primaloft Insulation ACP (Adjustable Cuff Profile)
Dalbello Avanti 100
$274.97 $550.00 50% Off
The AVANTI 100 is for top level skiers who seek high performance in a boot with more generous foot volume than traditional race level boots offer. With a 100 flex and 100 mm fit last, large, strong and aggressive skiers should take note. The Avanti 100 utilizes a 3D Power Frame architecture for improved handling and power transfer. The Avanti 100 also comes equipped with custom heat moldable IF Sport innerboots that are super lightweight, warm and precise.
Dalbello Boss
$274.97 $550.00 50% Off
Relaxed 103mm footbed with highly elastic and shock-absorbing 3-piece shell design ensures a precise foothold and a smooth, progressive flex. Medium flex index of 100 - 110 provides the responsive power transfer suited to progressing intermediate skiers. Cable instep buckle on each boot minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and shell distortion while flexing. Shock-absorbent cuff inserts reduce shin-bang while negotiating bumps and jump landings; shock-absorbent heel inserts make for softer landings. Separate cuff, shell and tongue sections are joined together to create a smooth forward flex with rigid lateral support. Ultra-plush, faux-fur lined TruFit Custom inner boots feature medium-density foam around the heels and tongues and stretchy toe boxes. Liners are engineered to fit correctly right out of the box, and they can be custom formed as well.
Dalbello DS 100 Ski Boot
$274.97 $550.00 50% Off
The Dalbello DS 100 is an awesome ski boot for the strong intermediate to expert skier who needs a medium width fit in both the forefoot and shaft of the leg. Dalbello's Power Cage adds reinforcements to the shell that drive energy towards your skis and enhance responsiveness. The Instant Fit Performance Liner can be heated and molded to eliminate minor fit issues. Dalbello's My Fit Shell can be heated by an Authorized Dalbello Dealer to give you a truly full customized fit for both performance and comfort. The tradition of the Contour 4 Shell lives on with the DS series by having expanded areas in four key fit zones that will enhance your performance and efficiency on the mountain. Adjustable Forward Lean Positions help you angle the cuff to match your skiing style. If you want a ski boot that can be dialed in from toes to calves, the Dalbello DS 100 is a great choice to improve your skiing. My Fit Shell Instant Fit Performance Liner Power Cage Contour 4 Shell 40mm Velcro Power Strap Adjustable Ramp Angle
Dalbello DS AX 90 Ski Boot
$199.97 $400.00 50% Off
The DS AX 90 is technically one of the most advanced boots in its price category, delivering the perfect mix of comfort, performance and custom fit. Advanced skiers with wider feet appreciate the unique wearing comfort. A unique mix of materials combined with the latest POWERCAGE construction make the DS AX 90 technically one of the most advanced boots in its price category. It delivers a perfect combination of riding and handling comfort, performance and direct power transmission. Advanced skiers with wider feet appreciate the step-in comfort and the fit that makes you enjoy skiing days without pain and fatigue. Thanks to the My Fit technology, both liner and shell are thermo-moldable if needed for the perfect custom fitting. The GripWalk option allows the exchange of heel and toe sole for relaxed walking comfort and more grip. SIZE 240-305 CONSTRUCTION Overlap STRAP Velcro Strap 40mm FLEX 90 LAST 102 MATERIAL PU/DB Hyperlite LINER IF Performance BUCKLE F4 Alu - Micro
Dalbello DS MX 65 Ski Boot
$174.99 $200.00 13% Off
A great option for beginner to intermediate skiers, these men's Dalbello DS MX 65 ski boots will help you build more confidence each time you get off the chairlift. Ideal for those with wider feet, these Dalbello ski boots feature a 105mm last, allowing your feet to stay comfortable while avoiding cramping or loss of circulation during all of your activity. The high instep of the DB Hyperlite shell also ensures that there's enough breathing room. At the same time, the Super Comfort liner snugly holds your feet in place so that they don't slide around and cause you any problems while you're out building up your skill set. The softer flex in these Dalbello ski boots is perfect for newer skiers looking for something more forgiving and less aggressive as you learn to stay in control. Lock your feet in by snapping the 4 buckles into place and adjusting the power strap so that you can be ready for any mountain you face with these men's Dalbello DS MX 65 ski boots. Key Features of Dalbello DS MX 65 Ski Boots: Construction: Overlap Strap: Velcro Strap 40mm Flex: 65 Last: 105 Material: PU/DB Hyperlite Liner: DS MX Supercomfort Buckle: TPR8 - Alu
Dalbello DS MX 80 Ski Boot
$124.97 $250.00 50% Off
The Dalbello DS MX 80 makes a great ski boot for the intermediate to advanced skier that has a wide forefoot and larger calf volume. The DB MX Comfort Liner has anatomically correct padding that supports your feet and keeps your feet cushioned as you cruise the blues on the mountain. Dalbello's Hyperlite Shell has a lightweight feeling with enough power to keep your skis responsive and have you in control. A 40mm Velcro Strap increases rebound and responsiveness by keeping a firm wrap across your shin. Best Fits a Wide Forefoot and Wide Shaft of the Leg DB MX Comfort Liner 40mm Velcro Strap
Dalbello Heel & Toe GripWalk Soles
Let's be honest, walking in ski boots has always been difficult and at times, dangerous. Introducing GripWalk, a revolutionary sole-binding innovation that makes walking easier and more comfortable. The rocker profile of the outsoles is covered with a high friction material for better grip on any surface. The GripWalk outsoles are the perfect addition for easier and safer walking.
Dalbello Jakk Ski Boot
$174.97 $350.00 50% Off
The Dalbello Jakk is a perfect ski boot for the beginner to intermediate skier who has a mid-wide forefoot and medium shaft of the leg. Dalbello's Center Balance Stance has a more upright cuff that helps drive your energy towards modern skis in a more efficient manner so you will not get too tired on the mountain too quickly. The Contour 4 Shell has pre-punched areas in the four most common places for a bootfitter to fix, so you have a comfortable and easy fit right out of the box. The Cabrio Design offers a smooth forward flex and side to side rigidity for more control and precision out of your skis. The Jakk is made with Dalbello's Supercomfort Liner that is plush, padded and insulated for additional comfort on the mountain. Cabrio Design Center Balanced Stance Contour 4 Shell Supercomfort Liner
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