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Volkl DEACON 84 + LR XL 13 GW
$999.99 $1,000.00 On Sale
DEACON 84 The Deacon 84 impresses on icy slopes as well as on virgin snow and always puts a smile on the face of advanced to very good skiers. The integrated Titanal frame provides the coveted stability and liveliness while the GripWalk compatible LowRide XL binding ensures the best power transmission thanks to its low height. Made with a continuous sidewall, Titanal Frame, P-Tex 4504 base and 3D.Ridge construction, the ski with rocker tip and tail convinces in any terrain. The 3D.Glass construction also provides noticeably higher power transmission, as well as increased torsional stiffness, better edge grip and more liveliness. The three-spoke concept elevates the ski's all-around roll behavior to a whole new dimension. Translated with (free version)
$599.99 $700.00 14% Off
DEACON XT + VMOTION 10. 1 Deacon XT con espátula rocker ofrece maniobrabilidad combinada con un espíritu deportivo para los esquiadores que desean mejorar. Un ancho de 76 mm bajo fijación acorta las distancias entre el Deacon XTD y el Deacon X. Su construcción con sidewall parcial ayuda el deslizamiento al esquiar con agarre seguro en los cantos y la fijación vMotion 1 ofrece al esquiador la adecuada cantidad de transmisión de potencia, además de la compatibilidad con GripWalk.
$699.99 - $700.00 $700.00 On Sale
KENDO 88 The all-mountain freerider, with its state-of-the-art construction, has an extremely broad field of application and is ideal for well-versed skiers who celebrate powerful turns in any terrain and on all pistes. Like the new Mantra and Kenja models, the Kendo 88 also features a revamped geometry and a center radius that has been shortened by one meter in the 3D Radius Sidecut. It is important to know that the three different radiuses combined in a single ski generally provide turn characteristics of enormous versatility. The new 16 m radius in the center further increases the radius variability. Especially lovers of tight, edge and carving turns will benefit from this ski. On the one hand, this allows for a particularly sporty and intuitive skiing style on groomed pistes, but it also ensures the necessary maneuverability for better traversing difficult terrain. Thanks to the shortened center radius, less force is required. New for this season, the Kendo 88 now also features Tailored Carbon Tips and a Tailored Titanal Frame, making it clear that, so to speak, the Kendo's middle name is "Skiing Pleasure". Tailored Technologies: exclusively from Völkl The Tailored Titanal Frame, which is used in the Mantra, Secret, Kendo and Kenja, is an evolution of the well-known Titanal frame. Thanks to this construction, the width of the Titanal top strap can be adapted to the length of the ski and the resulting torsional stiffness and damping behavior required by the skier. The percentage of Titanal is reduced for shorter ski lengths, so even shorter or lighter skiers can get the most out of their skis with little effort. The Kendo 88 is extremely versatile especially thanks to the new Tailored Carbon Tips. Carbon fibers applied via Tailored Fibre Placements (TFP) allow for optimal control of cornering behavior. The strength and alignment of the fibers define the necessary stress and energy accumulation exactly where it is needed. A particularly positive feature is the agile reaction of the scraper. This means that directly with turn initiation, the ski can be driven through the turn in a controlled manner and with ease. You could say that it is enough to think about the change of direction and it's done. In addition, this construction allows for less weight without loss of stability. The new Kendo 88 with rocker profile in the tip and tail also incorporates the proven multi-layer wood core, covered by a continuous sidewall and a P-Tex 2100 base.
$749.99 - $750.00 $750.00 On Sale
M6 MANTRA How to make a legend even better? The features that made the ski famous are maintained and the latest innovations are added to allow progress where no room for maneuver was seen a year ago. The new Mantra M6 also features a multilayer wood core and a rocker profile in the tip and tail. But for next season, the new ski body design will be adapted for the first time to a 3D Radius Sidecut concept with a Tailored Titanal Frame. By adapting the Titanal ratio to the different lengths of the ski and thus to the proportions of the skier, it is possible not only to optimize the weight of the tip and tail, but also to influence the torsional stiffness and thus improve the characteristics of the ski. In this way, the usual stability of a Titanal ski is maintained and yet the Mantra M6 is overall considerably easier and more agile to control. The new ride characteristics of the Mantra M6 are further enhanced by the Tailored Carbon Tip. The special positioning of the carbon fibers allows the tip response to be precise and the torsional stiffness of the ski to be affected in a particularly positive way. In conclusion: The Mantra M6 is even more versatile than its predecessor and therefore the fun factor is once again at a maximum.
$399.99 $400.00 On Sale
REVOLT 86 PICTURE The Revolt, with 86 mm width under the binding, is a Twin Tip ski with rocker tip and tail for budding freestylers who feel at home on the street and in the park. The Butter Zone allows for smooth transitions to switch skiing and vice versa. The Tough Box construction not only provides the right amount of pop, but also ensures agility in turns. The P-Tex 3000 base and multilayer wood core complete the package.
$449.99 $450.00 On Sale
REVOLT 95 The Revolt 95 is an incredibly multifaceted product for younger riders. Its construction principle revolves around a directional shape that is perfect in the different situations in which jibbers move. Its 21m radius is very versatile and the flex points on the tip and tail are ideal for butter and trick.
Salomon Q-105
$362.97 $725.00 50% Off
A blend of powder floatation and on piste stability.
Salomon Q-98
$299.97 $600.00 50% Off
For adventures on or off piste.
Salomon S/FORCE FX.80 + M10
$499.99 $600.00 17% Off
Overview Salomon Skis Alpine Skis S/Force SX+M10 Automatically generated translation Extra wide and extra thick edges. Allows more trim cycles for days with more rentals. STRUCTURE: Wood core. Semi-sandwich construction built to provide good edge grip at every turn. DIMENSIONS: 121/73/104 mm. ROTATION RADIUS: 14 m (size 160).
Salomon SELECT HV 80
$179.97 $360.00 50% Off
Overview Newer skier with high volume feet? Not to worry, Salomon has you covered with the Salomon Select HV 80 Ski Boots, designed with built-in comfort to get you and your skills cranking through the gears. A wide 102 mm last provides all-day comfort, and Salomon's new Dual Sensifit shell makes the Select HV 80 super easy to put on and take off. Learning skiers have enough to worry about already; take boots off that list with the Select HV 80.
Salomon STANCE 84 + M 12 GW
$599.99 $725.00 17% Off
DESCRIPTION The Stance 84, at its best whether carving down icy slopes or grooming on perfectly groomed new snow, excels in all conditions. Its progressive sidecut with dynamic wood core is agile and reliable, while its brand new titanal and carbon construction grips the snow, giving you a smooth and fun on-piste skiing experience. The M12 binding completes the system.
Salomon X-Race Lab
$549.97 $1,100.00 50% Off
World Cup proven slalom race ski. WEIGHT: 4950g Side Cut Tip: 114.5 Side Cut Waist: 65 Side Cut Tail: 99.5 Radius: 12.7 Boot Midsole: 665
Rossignol BLACKOPS DAY 92+XP 11
$599.95 $650.00 8% Off
Purpose built to push the next generation of freeriders forward, the new Blackops 92 is a weapon of one for progressive minded all-mountain skiers. Combining a full sidewall construction and progressive rocker profile, this all-new junior freeride weapon packs a perfect blend of power, pop, and playfulness. A lightweight paulownia wood core keeps the ski reactive and agile whether airing it out in the park or slashing through virgin powder fields.
$349.97 $700.00 50% Off
The Rossignol BlackOps Escaper is a great option for any advanced all mountain guy who wants a fun, playful ski. Diago Fiber laid across the Paulownia Woodcore helps stiffen the ski, while the Paulownia keeps things light weight and playful. Damp Tech makes an appearance for core reinforcement and liveliness for an energetic ride when you lay that ski on edge. The Escaper is torsionally stiff thanks to the full sandwich sidewall for edge hold and stability when you find yourself on the groomers. Keeping those tips up when you're in powder is not an issue with the incorporated Air Tips which helps with natural flotation. The Rossignol BlackOps Escaper knows no bounds and is an awesome option for riding all over the mountain.
$749.95 $800.00 6% Off
Quiver-of-one versatility for carving, slashing, and blasting across the entire mountain. Kick open the door to progressive freeride performance with the Blackops 98. Its lively wood core and energy boosting titanal layers give it plenty of pop to inspire your next run. The mountain is your playground, and this is the perfect platform.
$399.97 $800.00 50% Off
Following in the footsteps of the ubiquitous Soul 7 was never going to be easy, but the Rossignol Black Ops Sender Skis manage it with aplomb while marching to a fresh new beat. Equipped with a versatile 104mm waist width, smooth rocker lines, and a relatively flat, stiff tail, the Black Ops Senders will immediately slot in as the ideal daily driver for many, confidently handling everything from boilerplate to blower. The extended Pauwlonia wood core and Damp Tech laminates smooth out vibration and reduce tip flap, giving them significantly more stability at speed than their S-Series forefathers. All-mountain has a new top dog, and it goes by the name Rossignol Black Ops Sender.
No Image
$649.99 $700.00 7% Off
Push your skills. Explore more. The Experience 80 Carbon ski combines the agile feel of a lightweight build with the confident edge control of full sidewall construction for all-resort skiing. Carbon layers and a paulownia wood core reduce overall... SIDEWALL constructions feature a layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) and full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power. CARBON Combining high flexibility with high tensile strength and low weight and high resistance and low thermal expansion make carbon fibers the perfect pick for explosive pop.
All resort. All the time. The Experience 86 Basalt ski blends a lightweight build with a smooth ride for carving across the entire mountain. A paulownia wood core reduces overall weight, while basalt layers absorb vibration for a smooth, quiet... RECTANGULAR SIDEWALL constructions feature a horizontal layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) combined with full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power. BASALT Stronger and lighter than fiberglass and with more elasticity than carbon, basalt fibers enhance power and stability while removing vibrations. TITANAL This construction type has been proven in competitions. Fiberglass combined with a titanal layer gives the ski more power, grip and extremely high precision in turns.
$899.99 $1,285.00 30% Off
Hero Athlete FIS SL is an approved F.I.S. World Cup Slalom ski designed for top-level athletes and racers look for the maximum advantage. Line Control Technology (LCT) provides precision and grip at speed and quick turns. LCT technology eliminates reverse camber flex providing better snow contact and stability in turns. Race-ready construction for total control of your line, power and precision to be quick, fast and win races.
Rossignol HERO ELITE ST TI+ SPX 14
Built for passionate race fans, the Hero Elite ST TI is a slalom-inspired race ski designed for technical on-trail skiers looking for snappy quick turning SL style turns. Our race-proven Line Control Technology (LCT) complements a narrower 68mm waist width and short turn sidecut for optimized edge-to-edge quickness, precision and power. LCT eliminates counter-flexing to offer maximum stability and optimized trajectory through the turn for total line control.
Rossignol REACT 2+ XPRESS 10
$399.99 $500.00 20% Off
Built for beginner skiers, the new React 2 opens the door to playful carving performance. Flex TIp technology unlocks the magic and rhythm of effortless on-trail skiing, while an accessible flex and intuitive edge control let you find your flow for one perfect turn after another. Hard Snow Precision On-Trail Rocker profile balances instant turn initiation with explosive power and edge grip Accessible Stability LCT construction adapts our Line Control Technology for a more forgiving feel and reduces counter-flexing for confident control Quick Turn Entry and Exit Flex TIp Technology enhances tip and tail engagement for easy turn entry and exit Carving Power Oversized sidecut delivers powerful carving performance Balanced Weight and Agility Poplar wood core balances weight, flex and stability for a versatile blend of power and playfulness
Rossignol SENDER 104 TI
$749.95 $800.00 6% Off
Fresh tracks to hardpack, the new Sender 104 Ti is your ticket to ride the whole mountain. It brings an effortless, responsive feel to go anywhere the snow takes you, inbounds or out thanks to it's double LCT and Air Tip technology. Our vibration dampening tech balances a lightweight paulownia wood core for the versatility to cruise or charge at will. Fly beyond the boundaries and roll through mixed conditions without hesitation.
Rossignol SENDER 90 PRO +X 10
$399.99 $500.00 20% Off
Full throttle. Full speed ahead, every time. An all-terrain weapon designed for the next generation of freeride enthusiasts, the new Sender 90 Pro lets you climb, drift and descend the mountain as you please. The ski's live wood core promotes agility, while its twin rocker profile lets you move happily to freely blur the boundaries between frontside and freeride.
Rossignol SENDER 94TI+ NX 12
$849.95 $900.00 6% Off
The true all mountain freeride ski. When fresh tracks beckon, the new Sender 94 Ti delivers a blend of lightweight agility and damp downhill performance to set you free to explore and ride inbounds and out. Its light swing weight courtesy of our iconic Air Tip technology keeps it playful while the lightweight paulownia wood core keeps your mind open to skin track and boot pack possibilities.
Rossignol Sky 7 HD
$374.97 $750.00 50% Off
Amplified with our new Carbon Alloy Matrix, the all-new SKY 7 HD is the ultimate fusion of lightweight backcountry innovation and progressive freeride performance for women. With noticeably more edge grip, stability, dampness, and drive, the new Sky 7 HD provides instinctive versatility and ease-of-use, while delivering groundbreaking, high-definition energy, mobility, and strength due to our unique new carbon and basalt weave. Combined with our patented Air Tip technology; Powder Turn Rocker profile; lightweight paulownia wood core construction; and versatile 98mm waist width, the new Sky 7 HD offers an ultra-lightweight blend of all-mountain versatility, effortless float, and accessible backcountry performance. No matter where the snow takes you, whether resort-based or backcountry bound – the future of freeride is here. Bindings not included. 70% Powder / 30% All-Mountain
Rossignol Soul 7 HD
The all-new SOUL 7 HD – the most heavily demanded, acclaimed, and versatile ski in freeride – now amplified with Rossignol's Carbon Alloy Matrix. With noticeably more edge grip, stability, dampness, and drive, the new SOUL 7 HD provides the same instinctive versatility and ease-of-use to push your boundaries with confidence, while delivering groundbreaking, high-definition energy, mobility, and strength due to our new, unique carbon and basalt weave. Combined with our patented Air Tip technology; Powder Turn Rocker profile; lightweight paulownia wood core construction; and 106mm waist width, the new SOUL 7 HD is the ultimate fusion of lightweight backcountry innovation and uncompromising freeride performance. No matter where the snow takes you, whether resort-based or backcountry bound – the future of freeride is here.
Rossignol Super 7
$424.97 $850.00 50% Off
The new Rossignol Super 7 is a super ski for super star skiers. Rossignol's Powder Turn Rocker has a progressive tip that eliminates the amount of tip flap that some wide, rockered skis have, and is unsinkable in the fluffy stuff. The new tapered tail is stiffer than before to give you more power behind your turns, and easier breaking power, for when you need to speed check before that massive cliff drop. The new Air Tip has a patented air-honeycomb design that has a rigid feel, but also makes the Super 7 more maneuverable than before. A new Light Core made from Paulownia Wood is reduces the skis weight by 20%, but will not sacrifice any stiffness. Sandwich Laminate Construction, beefs up the torsional stiffness of the Super 7, and makes in unshakeable at any speed. If you are looking for a playful ski with big mountain footprint that is powerful, yet not too demanding, the new Rossignol Super 7 is the ski for you. Air Tip Powder Turn Rocker Light Core Free VAS Ski Specifications: Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Type: Powder Skis (111+) Bindings Included: No What Binding is Included?: N/A Binding DIN: N/A Binding Weight Range: N/A Waist Width: 116mm Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 140/116/130 (@180cm) Tail Profile: Flared Rocker: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Flex: Stiff Turn Radius: 16-20 Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 20.8m (@180cm) Construction Type: Sidewall Core Material: Wood Base Material: Sintered Used: No Titanium: No Special Features: Air Tip Special Features: Powder Turn Rocker
Nordica ENFORCER 100
Guided by a commitment to relentless refinement, Nordica has completely reimagined the Enforcer 100. Thanks to a new construction and an upgraded tip design, this best-selling ski offers a more playful feel and even greater versatility—while continuing to deliver its legendary all mountain performance. For a trusted ride that’s especially smooth and stable, it pairs an all new carbon chassis with a new core profile and two sheets of metal. In addition to dampening vibrations and reducing weight, this creates a more forgiving ski that also maximizes stability and response. And to boost confidence in variable conditions, the Enforcer features an early rise tip and slight tail rocker with traditional camber under foot. Armed with a modern design, it allows you to ski how you want—where you want. Smoother and more playful than ever, the new Enforcer 100 redefines what an all mountain ski can do.
Nordica NAVIGATOR 75CA + TP210
$449.99 $500.00 10% Off
NAVIGATOR 75CA + TP210 Skiing is for everyone, so the Nordica Navigator 75 CA Ski System with TP2 10 Bindings are built so anyone can own skis. The versatile On Piste Rocker profile is built for resort performance, with a rocker/camper hybrid shape that ensures you'll always find grip when you need it. Mild rocker in the nose aids turn initiation for beginners and helps more advanced skiers charge just a little bit harder. Add in the full sheet of metal with a hexagonal bridge, that cuts down on weight without losing stability, and there's no reason to waste any more time picking up rental skis.
Nordica NAVIGATOR 80CA + TP210
$549.99 $600.00 8% Off
NAVIGATOR 80 CA FDT SKIS NAVIGATOR The Navigator 80 CA is designed to make skiing truly accessible. Channeling the fun at the heart of our legendary Enforcer skis into a design with a narrower waist, the Navigator 80 CA is the most progressive ski we offer. This construction also provides exceptional edge hold and response while reducing vibrations for a smooth and predictable ride. Its classic, squared-off tail shape further enhances edge hold and makes it even easier to transition between turns while its early rise tip offers versatility in soft snow and readily absorbs bumps. By inspiring confidence and making it is easier to ski, the Navigator 80 CA keeps you smiling.
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