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The Rossignol X1 Jr cross-country ski boots are the perfect shoe for little skiers who are looking to get out there and enjoy the wonderful world of Nordic skiing. Cross-country skiing is very difficult, even if you are experienced, have great balance, and have the right gear. For kids, they don't think like that. All they want to do is click in and go fast. Whether they're balanced or not, they don't seem to care. What they do care about is the fact that the gear has to be comfortable and easy to use. It should also be similarly constructed to the adult version because kids like feeling that they're part of the club. As far as comfort is concerned, the X1 junior ski boots are built with cushion and warmth in mind. With a tongue that wraps around the foot, the boots envelop the feet in a seamless and comfortable way. As a result, when your kid puts the boots on, he or she will simply love the way they feel. The soft and cushiony cuff of the boot makes for very comfortable ankles, and despite repeated similar movements, the feet will be held securely in place in a pleasant manner. These aren't plastic vices like alpine boots, they're much more shoe-like. The soles of the boots are soft and flexible, and this is to facilitate proper technique and improvement. When you can flex the sole of your boot, you can easily perfect the kick and glide skills that are necessary for a great day of cross-country skiing.
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