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X-Country Ski Boots

$99.99 $115.00 13% Off
PROLINK ESCAPE For skiers who want a boot that will stand the test of time while offering great comfort and sufficient grip when walking. The Escape combines an anatomical fit for touring and lace protection with a front zipper. 105 Touring Fit Anatomical shape with loose dimensions for maximum comfort and warmth. PROLINK Touring Its stable sole for easy walking offers the perfect balance between flexion and torsional rigidity. Its specific polymer guarantees good grip and durability. Comfort A slightly wider fit, with anatomical features, offers foot support and maximum comfort. Protection Center-zip cord guard protects against snow and water. Robustness Salomon's renowned quality and durability combine to make this boot your faithful touring companion.
$139.99 - $160.00 $160.00 Up to 13% Off
For skiers wanting a warm and comfortable boot with enough grip when walking. The Escape Plus combines an adjustable, anatomical fit, improved ankle support and excellent insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long.
Salomon Equipe Pilot
$131.97 $220.00 40% Off
For skiers who want a comfortable performance boot that does everything, the Equipe Pilot is the answer. Supportive cuff, flexible forefoot, and custom fit for all day comfort in skating or in classic.
$229.99 $270.00 15% Off
The Pro Combi boot is ideal for new multi-discipline racers. The progressive lateral support and flexible sole make it the perfect boot for both skating and classic.
Salomon R/PILOT
$199.99 $230.00 13% Off
For skiers who know what performance skiing feels like, the R/PILOT is a training partner that delivers an ideal blend of energy transmission for skating with forefoot flexibility for classic skiing. With a slightly more generous fit, the R/PILOT makes those daybreak training sessions more rewarding.
$299.99 $350.00 14% Off
RS PROLINK is a favorite among endurance trainers. Its well-known performance features on-the-fly fit adjustment of the dissociated Quicklace™ system and Custom Fit. RS PROLINK is an ideal boot for passionate, endurance minded skiers who still want premium performance.
$299.99 $350.00 14% Off
RS VITANE PROLINK is a great choice for women who want performance and all-day comfort. It delivers precise, powerful transmission for skating, the dissociated lacing system wraps the foot precisely and a women's last with Custom Fit delivers unmatched comfort.
Salomon Siam 7 Pilot
$95.97 $160.00 40% Off
Performance touring boot for women, featuring SNS Pilot system for control and precision, combined with the comfort of faux fur and fleece lining. Sizes listed in UK. Please see conversion chart.
Salomon Vitane Pilot
$131.97 $220.00 40% Off
The women's boot that does everything well, Vitane Pilot boasts custom fit, a supportive cuff for skating, and flexible forefoot for classic style. Sizes listed in UK. Please see conversion chart.
Rossignol X-10 CLASSIC XC SKI
$249.99 $300.00 17% Off
Key Features of Rossignol X-10 Classic XC Ski Boots: Heel Counter: Dual Core Anatomical Heel Counter Cuff: None Cuff Closure: None Lace Cover: PVC Racing Lace System: WC Speed Lace Sole: Expert Classic Lining: Win Therm Weight: 800 g @ size 42
Rossignol X-10 SKATE
$299.99 $350.00 14% Off
Key Features of Rossignol X-10 Skate FW XC Ski Boots: Heel Counter: Dual Core Anatomical Heel Counter Cuff: Dual Core, Soft Touch, Hinged Cuff Closure: Velcro Strap Lace Cover: PVC Racing Lace System: WC Speed Lace Sole: Expert Skate Lining: Win Therm Weight: 1110 g/pair @ size 42
Rossignol X-10 SKATE
$299.99 - $300.00 $350.00 14% Off
Key Features of Rossignol X-10 Skate FW XC Ski Boots: Heel Counter: Dual Core Anatomical Heel Counter Cuff: Dual Core, Soft Touch, Hinged Cuff Closure: Velcro Strap Lace Cover: PVC Racing Lace System: WC Speed Lace Sole: Expert Skate Lining: Win Therm Weight: 1110 g/pair @ size 42
Rossignol X-8 SC XC
$249.99 $300.00 17% Off
The Rossignol X-8 SC is an amazing combi boot for both skate and classic skiing. The cuff and upper portion are a nod to the skate world, while the softer sport sole allows you to get some great kick and glide if you decide to stay in track. It's pretty cool when one piece of gear can handle multiple activities, and Rossignol's X-8 SC is a prime example. They have the higher cuff which is great for skating, as it holds your lower leg as well as your heel and ankle. This is a nice and comfortable way to get out and enjoy the Nordic center and the vast miles of the winter trails and terrain. As opposed to a carbon heel counter, the dual core anatomical heel cup is ideal for a wide variety of foot shapes and ski abilities. There's no need for a super-stiff combi heel unless you're an upper level racer, and you'd likely be on stiff skate boots or ultra-light classic boots if that were the case. The Rossignol X-8 SC finds its audience in the skiers who are looking for one high-performance boot to handle different skis and techniques. The cuff is dual core as well, giving you the best possible performance for a great value. A lot of skiers are looking to combi boots these days, as the technology and performance have come a long way. Weighing 1250 grams, they're not super heavy, and will allow you to rip around the Nordic center all day long, no matter what skis or discipline you choose.
Rossignol X1
$69.99 $95.00 26% Off
The Rossignol X1 Jr cross-country ski boots are the perfect shoe for little skiers who are looking to get out there and enjoy the wonderful world of Nordic skiing. Cross-country skiing is very difficult, even if you are experienced, have great balance, and have the right gear. For kids, they don't think like that. All they want to do is click in and go fast. Whether they're balanced or not, they don't seem to care. What they do care about is the fact that the gear has to be comfortable and easy to use. It should also be similarly constructed to the adult version because kids like feeling that they're part of the club. As far as comfort is concerned, the X1 junior ski boots are built with cushion and warmth in mind. With a tongue that wraps around the foot, the boots envelop the feet in a seamless and comfortable way. As a result, when your kid puts the boots on, he or she will simply love the way they feel. The soft and cushiony cuff of the boot makes for very comfortable ankles, and despite repeated similar movements, the feet will be held securely in place in a pleasant manner. These aren't plastic vices like alpine boots, they're much more shoe-like. The soles of the boots are soft and flexible, and this is to facilitate proper technique and improvement. When you can flex the sole of your boot, you can easily perfect the kick and glide skills that are necessary for a great day of cross-country skiing.
Rossignol X1 JR
$47.97 - $80.00 $80.00 Up to 40% Off
The X1 JR is a warm, easy-to-use nordic boot for the youngest junior skiers. The enhanced junior fit provides better foot wrapping and support for increased comfort and warmth. The X1 JR allows a more natural foot roll for a fun, easy and comfortable introduction to nordic skiing.
Rossignol XC-2
$119.99 $170.00 29% Off
The X2 is an introductory touring boot with warmth and stability for all-around use. The boot's tall cuff and zip-up lace cover seal out snow, while a Thinsulate™ lining wraps your foot for warmth. The touring-specific sole and lateral heel support provide stability for all-around trail skiing.
Rossignol XC2 SKI
$119.99 $170.00 29% Off
The Rossignol XC2 for Men is a great option for guys who are looking for step up from their first pair. The Polyester Liner is lined with Polyester fleece for extra warmth and comfort for the coldest days out on the trails. PVC Lace Cover gives maximum durability and protects your laces and the overall longevity of the boot for a longer lasting product. Thermo Adjustable Fit allows the boot to form to your foot after it's heated up from your body temperature for a custom fit to your foot shape. Get your foot into a cross country boot that will help you progress with the Rossignol XC2.
Atomic Sport Pursuit
$131.97 $220.00 40% Off
The Sport Pursuit combines the benefits of Skate and Classic in one boot. The hallmark of this boot is flexibility on any trail. The flex and new outsole are perfect for skate and classic, and the boot cuff can be adjusted for either discipline: the cross-country skier does not feel it when practicing the classic style, and while skating it provides the ankle with optimum support. The forefit construction and Dual Lace system ensure a perfect fit in the forefoot and toe area. A 104 mm last width provides exceptional comfort. The Sport Pursuit is therefore the ideal boot for athletic cross-country skiers who place a premium on freedom of movement in both styles. SIZES LISTED IN UK SIZING. PLEASE SEE SIZE CHART LINK UNDER "FEATURES AND INFORMATION" TO THE RIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN FOR SIZE CONVERSIONS.
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