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The AXIUM JR PRO 70 B73 is an easy-to-use, lightweight high-performance junior race binding with a 2-7 DIN range and 73mm brake. The Dual Action toepiece combined with the lightweight Axium heel delivers maximum power transmission, shock absorption and an easy step-in design. The Axium Jr Pro 70 B73 includes a 10mm lifter for increased leverage and easier turn initiation and is designed for use on flat-skis up to 73mm underfoot. Rec. Brake Width: 64-73mm
$74.97 $150.00 50% Off
Your seasoned beginner skis without fear, so ease the heap of fear swirling in your gut with the Rossignol Kids' Comp J 45 Ski Binding attached to his or her planks. The low DIN (0.75-4.5) ensures that those bigger and bigger crashes don't lead to injury, and the 12mm of elastic travel gives the fearless freak a chance to recover and learn even before the ski releases. The simple, sturdy binding features 12mm of elastic travel so it won't release until necessary. The lightweight composite construction keeps the ski and binding combo easy to turn and carry after a lesson. Easy step-in and exit lets little ones do it themselves Compatible with junior and adult boot-sole shapes
$180.00 $300.00 40% Off
he SPX 12 GripWalk® binding is a high-performance all-mountain binding for aggressive skiers. The combination of a Full Action toe piece and SPX heel deliver the longest elastic travel on the market for unmatched shock absorption. The result is instant power transmission and precise control with superior shock absorption to reduce unwanted pre-release. It's compatible with traditional Alpine (ISO 5355) and GripWalk® boot soles.
$71.97 $119.95 40% Off
The Team 4 GripWalk® binding is a super-lightweight binding for children. Comfort and ease of use are its top priorities: the new heel cup reduces the efforts to open the binding. Its toe and the heel pieces deliver consistent shock absorption. It is compatible with the following junior and adult boot sole standards: - ISO 5355 C - ISO 5355 A - GripWalk® JUNIOR ISO 23223 C - GripWalk® ADULT ISO 23223 A EASY STEP-IN/STEP-OUT Intuitive design with wide step-in zone offers easy entry-and-exit. LIGHT WEIGHT LOOK utilizes composite materials and optimized designs to produce lightweight bindings with the highest levels of retention and release to make skiing and carrying your skis easier, with no compromise in performance or protection. MULTI DIRECTIONAL RELEASE LOOK is the only binding brand to develop a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective 180° MULTI DIRECTIONAL RELEASE in the instance of a fall. A&C SOLES Our kid bindings are compatible with the "C" Children and "A" Adult boots without any setting or adjustment. TOOLFREE ADJUSTMENT LOOK integrated binding systems offer easy, tool-free adjustment between different boot sole lengths to accommodate a large range of boot soles without the need to remount bindings. GRIPWALK GRIPWALK compatible bindings ensure perfect compatibility with two boot sole standards: - Traditional Alpine soles (ISO 5355) - GRIPWALK soles (future ISO 23223 standard)
$89.97 - $180.00 $180.00 Up to 50% Off
Our entry-level junior binding for the lightest kids. DIN range: .75 - 4.5 Recom. Skier's Weight: 29-125 lbs Height w/o ski: 18 mm Brake Width: 74mm, 85mm Toe System: Biotech Gliding AFD: Active AFD Step-in heel: Compact EPS system: Yes
$120.00 $200.00 40% Off
The Marker Free 7 Ski Bindings are a durable, high performance all mountain binding for younger riders. These bindings offer great retention and power transfer, with an extra emphasis placed on safety. With features like a Biotech toe piece and and AFC gliding plate, the Free 7's are designed to release cleanly and consistently in all types of falls to make sure your youngsters knees are protected.
$99.97 $200.00 Up to 50% Off
Entry-level Junior binding for heavier skiers. DIN range: 2 - 7 Recom. Skier's Weight: 53-165 lbs Height w/o ski: 18 mm Brake Width: 74mm Toe System: Biotech Gliding AFD: Active AFD Step-in heel: Compact EPS system: Yes
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