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Leki Cobra Basket
Alpine Cobra spares for all threaded LEKI tips. Tool-less replacement.
Leki Big Mountain Basket
Pimp your poles with colourful Big Mountain baskets. Suitable for all threaded LEKI tips. Tool-less replacement.
Swix Tech Junior
$22.00 - $40.00
Aluminum pole for youngest ones with Swix Junior handle in soft material and ergonomically fitted to children hands.
Swix Junior
Aluminum pole for youngest ones with Swix junior handle in soft material and ergonomically fitted to children hands.
Salomon Kaloo Ski Poles
Durable, lightweight and comfortable in smaller hands, Kaloo is ready for any jr ski day.
Rossignol Stove Pipe Jr. Ski Poles
The Stove Pipe Jr. is a simple and economical ski pole for little skiers. The Junior Specific Grip is designed to fit into the smaller skier's hand very easily. Junior Specific Grip 14mm Shaft 50mm Basket
Rossignol Tactic Jr Poles
The Tactic Jr is a juniors' lightweight pole that offers a balance of strength and weight for all-mountain skiing. The durable aluminum shaft and juniors'-specific grip are designed with junior skiers in mind.
Swix Tech Lite
The Swix TechLite AL 190 ski poles. Reasonably priced practical design ski pole. Construction: Made of 5086 alloy Aluminum. Handle: Standard handle that gives you maximum grip. Strap: Easily adjustable strap to give you precise hold. Basket: Standard basket that works well in both soft powder and hard packed snow.
Salomon Escape Junior Ski Poles
The strong aluminum shaft ensures durability so the pole will last through the years. The EVA Junior grips provide comfort and warmth so kids' hands stay comfortable and happy all day long. With its simple biathlon strap, this pole is easy to put on and take off, making it the perfect choice for kids enjoying the snow.
Rossignol FT 501 Junior Poles
The Rossignol FT-501 junior touring poles are a fantastic option for young skiers looking to make a good impression on their parents and ski buddies. These light poles are up to anything out there in the cross-country world, from touring to classic and everything in between. The standard loop strap is perfect for fitting smaller hands in and going. There's not a whole lot that's complicated about the setup, but rather it's an easy thing to use, as cross-country skiing can be a bit daunting right from the start. When your equipment is dialed, then you're sure to have more fun and cover more distance with less work over the day. The Fit tour basket is a secure and consistent way to get the most purchase on the snow, and you'll find that you get a bunch of grip and strong push-offs when you are shuffling your way out to the woods. Keeping things smooth on the hands is an injection grip that is not only comfortable, but also easy to hold. Again, making things easier on little Nordic skiing kids is a huge accomplishment, and Rossignol does a fantastic job in making these poles fun and accessible for younger cross-country skiers. Light weight and ease of use are the primary factors that make these poles a fantastic choice for young cross-country skiers all over the world. The easier the skiing, the more fun you're likely to have.
Salomon Escape Cross-Country Ski Poles
On long touring days, you'll appreciate the light weight and comfortable grip of Salomon Escape cross-country ski poles. These simple, reliable poles help propel you wherever your adventure leads.
Rossignol Snow Flake
Subtle, sophisticated snow flake graphics accent this attractive pole from Rossignol, in fact it is called the Rossignol Snow Flake pole, go figure! These poles have a soft rubberized plastic grip, adjustable nylon strap and a very lightweight aluminum alloy shaft. For lady skier's looking for an inexpensive, lightweight pole, this one is a winner!
Rossignol Snow Flake Poles
The SNOWFLAKE is a women's freeride pole with a durable aluminum shaft and women-specific grip.
Salomon Arctic
Light weight aluminum pole with elegant, modern graphics. For skiers who want value and straightforward performance. Designed For: Value Durability Light weight
Salomon Arctic Lady Pole
Lightweight, women's specific pole with a women's bi-material grip and cool design.
Salomon Arctic Lady Ski Poles
With a specific grip designed to fit women's hands, the lightweight ARCTIC LADY pole is strong, durable, and can be matched to all Salomon ski graphics.
Salomon Artic Ski Poles
ARCTIC comes in a complete range of color options for skiers who want to select their own style
Rossignol FT 500 Poles
Light, uncomplicated and durable poles for classic touring. Made of lightweight aluminum. Grips are made of polyurethane. Simple, ergonomic straps. Touring XL baskets.
Swix WC Slalom Junior
* Just like the adult racing pole with a smaller diameter shaft. Top of the line 7075 aluminum racing poles * New DD5 grip with Add Tab (anti-dropping device). Carbide tipped ferrule * Shaft Diameters: Handle: 16 mm, Ferrule 10mm
Leki Quantum Poles
The highest-quality tapered aluminum shafts with clean graphic lines. The 'QUANTUM' is a go-to performance model and allows you to "leap" to that next level! With the security-conscious Positive Angel grip and security strap and the sophisticated look, this model turns heads on every run!
Rossignol Racing Hand Protection
Focus on the finish. These high-impact plastic guards cover your hands so you can focus on your line. They easily attach to 18mm and 16mm aluminum shaft poles, and they adapt to most manufacturers' poles. Mounting hardware included.
Leki Drifter Vario S Poles
The Drifter Vario S is perfect for kids and teenagers. The Speed ??Lock mechanism allows hassle-free length adjustment between 90 and 120 cm. The high-strength aluminium shafts and comfortable Trigger S grips provide extra stability and safety.
Swix WC Slalom
* Top of the line 7075 aluminum racing poles * DD4 grip with large Add Tab (anti-dropping device). Carbide tipped ferrule * Shaft Diameters: Handle: 18 mm, Ferrule 10mm
Leki CC 300 Poles
You're looking for a low cost carbon pole weighing less than 100 grams, good swing action and energy-saving power transfer? Then the CC 300 is for you. With the 1K Trigger Shark 2.0 system for quickly clicking out of the strap and grip.
Leki Stealth S Poles
The trendy new-school pole designs also include a blacked out rat-rod look. The sturdy 16 mm shafts are made of an aluminum alloy of high tensile strength. In the New School – Freestyle scene safety is only a minor aspect – what is much more important: with the Trigger S system holding a grab works smoother than ever before with the extra benefit of having your poles in perfect position at every time.
Leki Worldcup Lite SL Poles
The Worldcup Lite is the perfect model for the young slalom skier. Equipped with all the best features that make for a safe and reliable racing pole. The racing design, airfoil form, the S Slalom compact grip with the matching Trigger S Vario strap make this pole a must for every racing fan.
Rossignol Hero SL
The new HERO SL is an elite-level World Cup Slalom race pole with a durable, lightweight triangular aluminum race shaft and World Cup grip.
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