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Atomic RS Pack 80L

Atomic RS Pack 80L
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The Atomic RS 80 Liter Pack is an awesome choice for skiers who are looking to carry all of their essentials in one bag. There's a separate compartment for a bunch of your stuff so that your boots don't end up scratching your helmet or getting all of the rest of your gear wet. As a result, Atomic makes travelling with ski stuff easy and comfortable. From the adjustable straps and the padded back panel to the thermos insulation for a water bottle, this pack has thought of everything and has incorporated it into this sleek and awesome design. Skiing is a difficult sport even when you are already at the mountain, but getting to and from the hill is a different story altogether. Many skiers get frustrated not only with the amount of gear that they have to use, but also the distance from car to lodge. And even that's pretty close if you're traveling by airplane, train, bus, or any other form of transportation that makes you pick up and drop off your gear all the time. At the end of the day, it's super-important to have the proper gear to carry your gear. The Atomic RS 80 liter pack has the goods necessary to get you to and from the mountain with ease and style. This durable and tough pack is perfect for frequent ski travelers and professionals alike.