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Atomic Vantage Girl X Skis + C 5 ET Bindings

Atomic Vantage Girl X Skis + C 5 ET Bindings
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She may be little, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have the heart of a champion. Put her on the Atomic Vantage Girl X Skis + C 5 ET Bindings combo and let her rip to her fullest potential. Fun and forgiving, the Vantage Girl X Skis are the perfect building blocks for a lifetime of riding!

Rocker Type
Piste Rocker – 10% Tip Rocker / 90% Camber Center / Flat Tail

Bend-X Technology – A special flex zone in the binding area enables even the lightest skiers to bend their skis with less power, making turn initiation easier.

Densolite Core – A foam core that is agile and dampens vibrations for effortless skiing.

Structured Topsheet – Massively increases durability and gives a high quality finish.

Full Cap – A construction with no sidewall where the top sheet folds down over the edges, making it easy to handle.

Atomic Base – Atomic uses high-density sintered bases that are fast on any snow, can stand up to anything, and are easy to maintain.

Atomic Edges – Atomic edges are made from steel five times more wear resistant than standard steel, for strength and perfect grip.

Included Bindings
Includes C 5 ET Bindings – DIN Range 0.5 - 4.5